Skint day

I’ve been a little bit strapped for cash today, so after paying some cheques in at the bank and posting out some orders I finished off some more bangles:

And I took the dogs for a walk and collected some autumn paraphenalia for embedding in some more jewellery. I’m thinking of moulding the acorn and putting a little sparkly resin bit back in the shells. Do you think this will work?


I’ve also lugged all of the furniture from my soon-to-be gallery shop area into my craft room, so now I can’t move in there. The reason being that we are getting new carpets monday/tuesday. We got new doorknobs on our wardrobes upstairs so now we can open them and move our clothes in, which I was *ahem* supposed to do today and got distracted. A job for tomorrow I think. On Monday we will be able to move into our proper bedroom at long last!

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