Almost didn’t fail…

I am off again with the vaccuum former trying to make moulds, the first two attempts proved I had the right material this time, though has taught me about height limitations on bangles and also to really really secure the lock before switching the vacuum on to avoid injury and failure as shown here…

Now the blimming release platform has locked, so waiting for OH to come home and unjam it for me and hopefully I will be able to test my first mould tonight!

Another failure this week was Fletcher- I took him to the BBC Over The Rainbow auditions for Toto and he got really anxious with the two hour wait (not to mention the 45 minute journey in my little car) and the fact that he was surrounded by other dogs that all wanted a piece of him, that when we went into the show arena thing, he wouldn’t look at the judges and wanted to excape- I think he thought he was at the vets! Needless to say he didn’t get through because of how stressed he was (to the disappointment of the carpark stewards), so I now know acting isn’t the boy for him. He was totally exhausted when he got back home!



  1. Posted April 13, 2010 at 1:19 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Awww. He would have made a wonderful Toto. I did think about taking Maisy but she would get too stressed as well.

  2. Posted May 7, 2010 at 8:53 am | Permalink | Reply

    Aw, I’m so thrilled that someone took a greyhound to addition to be Toto! Fletcher is absolutely gorgeous – reminds me of my brindle boy Max 😉

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