Pretty new moulds for me and the new resin is here!

I’m in the process of testing the 1 hour set resin. At the minute it’s not setting fast, but I’ve not got a bulb for my heat box yet so it seems to be pretty similar to normal epoxy resin, albeit with more of a syrupy consistency. It’s also odourless which will appeal to a lot of people! I’m not selling this yet as I’m waiting on news to get my website back up and running, though if it is going to take a while I will list it in my Folksy supplies shop.

I got some new moulds today! One produces a nice domino size thick rectangle. I originally bought it to make beeswax thread conditioner bars from the beehive but it makes really nice resin pieces. Just testing the new resin in it at the minute!

I also got this shape, the idea being to fill the top in a different transparent colour to make it have a sort of stained glass look. First attempts did not go well however!

And my favourite. This is a mould that makes 3D diamond shapes! I am really pleased with this necklace and earrings set and will have it up for sale soon.

I’ll keep you posted about the epoxy resin once testing is over!

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