Jelly Roll phobia

I have nearly nearly finished the quilt, I just need to bind it so I didn’t see the point in showing you it again just yet. However….

I have bought my first jelly roll to start a larger quilt for a joint birthday present for my grandparents. It’s the William Morris one by Fabric Freedom (apart from they call them “Strippers” *snigger*). I got it home today, unrolled it and spent about 10 minutes faffing, not really knowing what to do next. Did I cut the selvedges off? Should I cut the pieces, what blocks did I want to make, what combinations should I sort the strips into?!

It was all rather intimidating and frightening. I have decided to do the first sampler quilt in the book “Jelly Roll Sampler Quilts” by Pam and Nicky Lintott. I will need to try sashing for the first time, but that something to worry about after I’ve finished piecing.

sorted jelly roll bundles

So I’m managed to get a grip and cut some of the strips in half and organise them for each block- and there are 12 of these. Somehow I have 3 1/2 strips left when the quilt uses 41 strips- I have no idea where the other half went! They’re all labelled per block now, ready for me to start cutting and piecing when the baby quilt is done and I’m a bit further on with my patchwork footstool. Who knows, if it comes out looking brilliant then we may end up keeping it!

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