I’ve never done a sew-along before so I thought I would give it a good go! I’ve joined two from the Sew Mama Sew blog and really I hope I can keep up. Also there are awesome prizes to win so even more encouragement there 🙂

I  have joined “Color blocks placemats and napkins sew-along” which is spread over four sessions starting monday. It’s supposed to be festive but I think I’m probably going to disregard that for something  I can use all year round!
Here’s the Flickr group for this:

I’ve also decided to not be a total Scrooge and do this advent calendar wall hanging too, which again spans 4 weekly sessions starting on Wednesday. Y’know, because I haven’t got enough projects on 😉
Flickr group:

Let me know if you join any of these too! There’s about 25 people in each group at the time of writing.

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