Giveaway winner and general bimbling about…

I’ve drawn the winner of the giveaway and the winning comment was #12 – Georgie @FlamingBeads! I’ll be in touch for your address!

In general the last few days have been spent in the kitchen or in the furniture shop spending every last bit of available credit I have, good news for finally getting my workroom done, bad news for Santa! However I have done a little bit of crafty stuff recently but I still have a few WIPs and I’m dying to get my two quilts at least started because I only have a month really to do them!

I’m getting there with my advent calendar however T-shirt transfer paper seemed like a good idea at the time, when the printer wasn’t screwing it up and I was accidentally ironing over bits where I’d removed the paper…. I still have to finish off the windows and stitch the back and binding on, I also have my placemats to back and bind.

I’m also desperate to get my two quilts done- or even started- I’ve only really got 5 weeks in which to finish them!
So far I’ve organised the colours of the baby quilt commission and that’s about it- I had sewn a block but my sewing machine ate it so I decided to start again with a different strategy…. which I’ve not managed to do yet!

On friday evening I decided to get my printer’s tray on the wall and that it was high time I had a pincushion!

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  1. Posted November 2, 2011 at 5:11 pm | Permalink | Reply

    That turtle pin cushion is really cute

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