Norah’s Log Cabin Summer House

I used a jelly roll of “Summer House” (plus a couple of Meadow friends strips chucked in when I was short) and Kona white to make this quilt, and it’s back is a beige fabric (with a tiny strip of yellow as I ran out). Ther block is a repeating log cabin design and it’s for Norah, hence the name!
Sorry for the poor photos, it was 10.30pm when I took these and our light in the living room is… ambient. Maybe I will get a better photo at Christmas- I will make sure I take my camera.

I only noticed one of the blocks is the wrong way round once I finished and photographed it though – so annoyed with myself!

The binding of a quilt always proves a challenge for me so I stippled just the top and wadding (a nice smooth one not a ratty polyester) bagged this one out and then did a little bit of contrast stitching in blue round the edges to secure it so I could miss this horrible step. I used a Sizzix strip die against my 1/4″ foot to keep it even all the way round as I couldn’t find my ruler and it was a nice width just to hold there and save me drawing a guide. I do like a shortcut. I really must start hand stitching my binding but I’m always in a rush to complete and never have the time for it, though I love the idea of sticking a DVD on and just stitching at my leisure. Maybe next time?

There were some incidents of swearing and sewing through my thumb (surprisingly unrelated) in the making of this quilt, and it resulted in me spending last night finishing it, when I should have been chilling out for my birthday! The swearing part was due to a thread fault, which I shall be blogging about at a later date, I am just waiting for a manufacturer response before I share this story.

Anyway, all the stress is over thankfully! I’m just packaging up some food gift baskets this afternoon and Christmas is officially dealt with and I can enjoy myself! Well sort of, I still need to finish Crafteroo magazine issue 2 which comes out 1st Jan, and Alix needs time to proof read it first!



  1. Posted December 23, 2011 at 10:27 am | Permalink | Reply

    It looks fabulous and SO pretty. The ‘odd’ block doesn’t really matter at all with patchwork.

  2. Posted December 30, 2011 at 10:39 am | Permalink | Reply

    I find it very beautiful and skillfully made with good taste.

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