Another long term project

After being inspired by this on Pinterest, I decided it was time to pick up a crochet hook again.

I’m making 20 of these squares by sewing two Amy Butler charm squares back to back, blanket stitching and then crocheting around, so it won’t be massive. It should be do-able. I was going to use my sharp crochet hook and do away with the blanket stitch but it was struggling to go through 2 layers of quality cotton, so I left that for another time.

So far I’m on my third square. The first one worked brilliantly…

The last two I’ve had to reduce around because it’s been curling up and I can’t seem to get the stitch numbers right. I’m not even sure if this thing is actually going to be able to neatly match up with the other squares :S Oh well.


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  1. Posted January 14, 2012 at 3:22 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I would so love to learn how to crochet!! You are really talented x

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