Twenty Hedgehogs

Well I managed it, with minimal unpicking and swearing… but with a lot of patience… it’s the first of Twenty Hedgehogs!

This is a “platinum” variety of african pygmy hedgehog – it has a heavy mottled tummy, a black face and very white quills. The eye is painted on with acrylic paint. I’ve tried to machine embroidery “platinum” below it in gold thread but it doesn’t show very well so I think I’m going to do it again by hand with black perle cotton. Only 19 more to go! The plan is for 20 different ones, there’s some snowflake, pinto and algerian varieties mixed up with the standard colour ones (for you hedgehog nerds out there). This took me a few hours to do but I should speed up with time. For now I think I am going to finish my goldfinch quilt and also the footstool I am supposed to be finishing for the end of the month for the Finish-a-long before I do any more!

The Twenty Hedgehogs quilt will be echo quilted when I’m done and hung on the wall above my sewing machine. My workspace currently looks like this. iPhone (for the radio), iron and board, hedgehog underneath, plug in air freshener to counteract stinky hedgehog, and then sewing machine. I do have some pictures on the wall a bit higher up over the ironing board but above my machine the wall’s a bit bare.

I really want a machine with a longer arm and bigger workspace for quilting, it looks so small in this picture!

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  1. Posted March 20, 2012 at 1:47 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Adorable! It’s going to look amazing 🙂

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