Lots of secret exciting things are happening!

I have lots of REALLY exciting things going on in my sewing life right now and I’m not allowed to tell you about any of them! Well OK I can’t tell you about:

1) A challenge block for a famous fabric designer in which I get some free FQs of beautiful and not-yet-released fabrics(!!!). All will be revealed next month.
2) A block design that has won me some sewing goodies in a lovely magazine- more on that again in August when I can release the pattern for it right here

BUT I can tell you that I have won a competition for the Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop for Quilters book that everyone is raving about and I have my idea down for the Brit Quilt mini swap and I have a fabric delivery coming from Pink Castle Fabrics soon.

…and I can tell you about this…

A Pfaff Expression 2. It’s beautiful and it arrives TOMORROW. I am so excited like a kid at Christmas. I might be too ill to go to work tomorrow. *cough cough* Really I shouldn’t have spent £700 on a sewing machine but it does everything I want and it felt like the right time. reason being- I am strugging to quilt with the tiny arm my current machine has and I keep breaking my machine in various ways due to the fact I need a more industrial, heavy duty machine. So once I get a new throat/needle plate (whatever you prefer to call it)- I will have a 2 month old AEG 680 for sale. (click here for some reviews!)

I’m not one of those lucky types that needs a spare machine, I’d rather have the cash towards paying back what I’ve spent on my new one. I’m thinking I want £150 for it, it was £220 new and is £240 online at the minute. Reason I blogged about this in October but the machine is only 2 months old? I managed to damage the first one in my car, so this is a shiny replacement one that I have knackered the needle plate on. It will be fine for less aggressive stitchers and anyone not trying to pound 6 layers of interfacing with a 110 needle 😉

So yey and squeee!

And I can now reveal the secret projects I was working on last week that were for Laney. She knows it was me now so it’s OK. If you read her blog you will have read about the story of Claude (her cat) and Dave (one of her hens), which is what prompted the drawing. The dragon embroidery is because there appears to be some kind of dragon fixation going on over on Craft Pimp with the glassy girls!

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  1. Posted July 5, 2012 at 7:29 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Congrats on your design creativity being recognized and rewarded! Yay!

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