Help Me!

(and get quilt pattern, chocolates, etc)



I have absolutely no idea if this will work or how much people will get behind me, but I’m asking you to help me and I’ll give you something in return 🙂

I confess, I have a weighty credit card bill that is on my shoulders every month and has been for years. Even though it’s on 0% interest right now, the minimum payment is still around £200 ($315) a month. I want rid of it so I can save for emergencies instead of constantly using credit. Whatever I pay off in a month inevitably goes back on again. SO what have I decided to do?

Well I’m asking you to help me. For every £1 you donate you will get an entry into my raffle draw for your own custom, turned edge applique, lap size quilt wallhanging of your pet- dog, cat, goldfish, snake, whatever! I will draw the winner when target is reached, so it’s in your best interests to spread the word 😉

For donations of £5 or more, not only do you get 5 entries but I give you this quilt pattern which comes with a table runner variation included…

And for donations of £10 or more you get ten draw entries, the Wallander quilt pattern AND a box of 6 trufflepiglet chocolates (UK only)… assuming you reply to my email with your postal address of course (make sure you check your spam folder just in case).

If you’re not in the UK and you want the chocolates, the donation amount is £15 because of the extortionate postage costs- sorry about that.

So yes, I would be enormously grateful if you donated, or even just shared this page with your friends or Twitter followers. I’ve even made a button you may use wherever if you really want to get behind me.

Please link the button to this page.

I know it’s for selfish reasons, it’s not for a charity, but I will be working Christmas Day and Boxing Day this year for Crisis the homeless charity (hopefully doing clothing repairs but it’s not all finalised yet) AND I will have some spare money in which to donate to charity fundraisers once this burden is gone, so in a way you are helping good causes!


If you’re looking for your raffle ticket number for the custom quilt, the names and numbers are available on a regularly updated Google document HERE.


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  1. faith marsden
    Posted August 19, 2012 at 10:11 am | Permalink | Reply

    can you please add me as a freind Im a lurcher lover like you have three lurchers and your dog quilt was one of my favourites.
    I live in Leicester too and would like to make more quilting freinds, perhaps meet uP?

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