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So… who’s playing resin swapsies?

I’ve not organised a swap in a little while and realised that the Internet world is lacking a Resin Swap! You can send out an item of jewellery, or an accessory for the body or the home and receive a resin-y gift in return. Basically anything cast from resin or resin coated in some way, cute or sophisticated, kitsch or retro!

I’ve not set a price limit, and you don’t have to send any extra knick knacks if you don’t want to, as long as you send your swap partner at least one decent sized gift and please gift wrap it! This swap is open internationally and you have until March 1st to sign up! Partners will be allocated on 2nd March so you can have a virtual chat with your new friend if you so wish. Items must be posted by 31st March.

So… if you want to play I need answers to these questions which I will send to your swap partner- please send an e-mail with your answers plus your name, address and website (including blog) to kerry(at)penny-dog.co.uk to take part, comments on this post alone will not be counted.

Have fun! And feel free to grab the button above for your own blog!

1) Describe your style…
2) Name 5 of your favourite things
3) What is your favourite hobby?
4) What else do you do in your spare time?