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Spotlight on… Soop

I’ve seen these rings before, but never realised that you could build a whole landscape on your finger, and that they are based in the UK too! All of the rings are cut from acrylic, one of my favourite mediums 🙂 http://soop.etsy.com

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New acrylic and resin range

I am currently working on a new range involving cutting shapes from acrylic and embedding metal leaf and dyes into the middle of the piece with resin as a plique-a-jour effect. Here’s the first prototype for a peace dove. I need to work on the join, but it’s pretty good.

Acrylic was cut out with a saw, using a sketch stuck on firmly with magic tape as a guide. Edges were filed and holes were drilled…

Join filled with epoxy resin, then heart shape filled with polyester resin and silver leaf mix…

Attached to necklace. I also added a coat of acrylic spray to seal the resin…

Cool work by LR Jewellery Design

I was doing a bit of Googling this evening and came across the work of LR Jewellery Design (http://www.lrjewellerydesign.com/) in New Zealand. These pieces are made from a mixture of acrylic and resin and I would LOVE to know how these are made. I definitely have to investigate acrylic further. I have some sheets I was going to saw into animal shapes but somehow that just doesn’t cut it anymore!


My new toy

I collected this yesterday to start making my acrylic pieces… it will work really well when I have a thinner, finer blade. Tried to make a duck shape and had to keep reversing out of the piece due to it not taking corners well, but should sort itself out with a finer blade!

Will be changing the look of this page very soon to match the look and feel of the website and Etsy shop, courtesy of Holly at http://FaeryLace.etsy.com