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My design process- from sketch to print

Recently I have been fascinated by fabric design, and whilst mine aren’t the most fantastic designs you will ever see, I’m pretty pleased with them. I will continue honing my technique so I can create ditzy prints with various different features and images within the design, but for now I thought I’d share my design process. My library is here on Spoonflower if you want to see what I’ve been up to so far. My next step is to make some filler fabrics to use alongside the animal prints.

I start off with an animal in mind I want to draw, and set about looking for a photograph to use as reference. I then sketch out the main shapes and shadows- usually on scrap paper or in my diary with a ballpoint pen. The pictures above show how I start on the left and keep adjusting ’til I get the image on the right. This only took 3 scraps of paper but sometimes it takes more. Each time I traceover the shapes, taking note of the scribbled corrections I have made until I get a nice simple image.

Next, I scan it in! I scan as greyscale to get the detail, then I change the levels so it is pure black and white and rub out the blobby bits in Photoshop. Sometimes I draw over the lines again too, it can take me a while tweaking it til I’m happy.

I then convert to CMYK so I can add a bit of colour! I use the fill tool to add patterns too in parts. These are free patterns froom the Internet, but I hope to produce my own soon.

Then I choose the background colour!

Then I create a copy of my drawing, flip it and position it opposite like a mirror image and upload to Spoonflower, where I can tile the images as I wish!

And here something I made with my first fabric design last night 😀 (it was a practise sewing in zips too since I’ve not sewn in a zip for years).


Down on the Farm and a new supplies shop- exciting stuff!

As newsletter subscribers will know, I’ve started delisting some of my ranges, some of which will merge and others I feel uninspired by and don’t feel like making again. This was partially to streamline and partially because I wanted to introduce a new range… and so here’s a sneak peak of my new range “Down on the Farm”!

Also I have taken the decision to open a supplies shop on Etsy and Folksy. I’m waiting for my delivery of ribbons, but once I have them, you can expect to see some of these pretties…

Spotlight on… Wild Life Prints

I really need these in my office! There’s so much lovely artwork out there I am a little spoilt for choice, but I have plenty of blank wall to fill!

Wild Life Prints on Etsy

Spotlight on… The Clay Pony

I was looking on Etsy for resin figurines and the creations by The Clay Pony popped up! I can imagine developing a little woodland collection on a shelf and adding to them every now and again… in fact I might just have to do that! They come in pastels, metallics, black glittery and transparent colours.

Spotlight on… Hinomaru

These rings are really unusual, chunky and affordable! Made by Hinomaru (http://hinomaru.etsy.com) in Japan from fired clay, check them out!

Product Review: Soop rings!


So I got some of those lovely animal rings from http://soop.etsy.com that I featured on my blog earlier, a cow and a little goat. They come in various sizes to fit everyone and are perfectly made from translucent acrylics. They feel comfortable to wear although I do find the horns on the goat are a little realistic and can get caught on things! Luckily I layer them (as pictured) so the cow protects his friend from causing any real damage. They come in different forest and farmyard favourites, as well as toadstools and trees being available for extra layering effect. You could create a whole scene on your fingers! Priced at $12 individually, or $50 or $80 per complete set of the forest or farmyard range respectively. Great, unusual gifts for the young and the young at heart, and the fact that they are made from one piece of material means that they will no doubt last a long long time.

Spotlight on… Soop

I’ve seen these rings before, but never realised that you could build a whole landscape on your finger, and that they are based in the UK too! All of the rings are cut from acrylic, one of my favourite mediums 🙂 http://soop.etsy.com

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