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The one where Kerry shows you some more brown fabric

So here’s a picture of all the stuff I bought- more D Rings, sliders, bag feet and swivel clasps than anyone can use in a lifetime. Plus Frames and clasps and handles…. this tidy lot was from “3D Hardwares” and cost a total of £32. I even didn’t pay customs for it (don’t tell HMRC on me!). Apart from the flexi frame (which comes with weird size pins so I modified it) I think it was all bargainous and I will definitely be topping up on bits later in the year.

I made my bag yesterday with some of that hardware. It’s the cross body bag from Sew Serendipity Bags, but I was cheap and got the pattern from Creative Handbags magazine (published by the magazine company I used to work for) which was a special issue at WHSmiths. There’s actually a few bags I’d like to try in there so even though it’s pretty pricey for a magazine (£5.99), it’s not too bad.

There’s a bag I want to make from the first issue of Modern Quilting magazine too but it’s probably not going to be done in time (as my sister’s quilt needs finishing,  but we shall see) for the end of the PURSE PALOOZA!

So anyway without further ado this is my entry…

It’s made with a tan (or brown if you will) print from the So Sophie range at Riley Blake. My favourite fabric of the minute. I’m not sure what the white fabric is but I daresay it’s some kind of Makower or Andover fabric as they are predominantly what the shop sells where I bought it from. The flap is not the most expertly sewn thing ever so you’re not getting a close up of that.

However you do get other close ups of my hardware purchases in use!

And look I was clever and put a special pocket in for my phone and pens!

Don’t forget you can still enter my brown- but vintage and pretty- fabric giveaway HERE– you have a couple of days left.

Righty-o well I’m working on another tutorial for you, this time making your own personalised little plastic tags for jewellery or other handmade bits and pieces, I’ll have that finished and up on this blog before the middle of next week as I am going North of the Humberland for a short break. So please check back for that.