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Mouthy Stitches tote finished

I just need to make the keyring.

I actually messed up a bit- I’ve cut the points off the ribbon star when sewing the lining in and I was going to put an internal pocket in and totally forgot.

I’ve deliberately blurred out the bottom right as it will give away the recipient. I like the block though and I like the quilting- I was going to have a go at quilting Paisley but it always turns out as swirls, which still look good.


Conversation Bag Tweaks

Have you seen the fantastic free pattern for the Conversation Bag over on Sew Sweetness?  I made one! It was also in the first issue of Modern Quilting which is where I worked from and where I saw it first and decided I MUST MAKE ONE.

If you fancy making one too I thought I’d pass on some tips and flag up some parts of the instructions I misinterpreted to prevent others from possibly doing the same (or it could have just been me being an idiot in some cases).

1) You need 34 charm squares, not 33 for the patchwork. I was 3x 2 1/2″ squares short when I made the panels up so I had to cut more.
2) The magazine says the interior side panels (both from interior fabric and interfacing) measure 15 1/2″ x 14″. This is a misprint, it should be 5 1/2″ x 14″. It is correct on the blog.
3) Fusing fabric together- Nothing is mentioned about the fusible fleece for the flap and I left mine out. You could do the same or fuse it on top of the heavy interfacing like it is supposed to be, the same as the patchwork side pieces. The blog is correct, it’s just the magazine again on this one.
4) After the patchwork the sewing allowances are 1/2″ NOT 1/4″. I did not know this til I finished the bag and looked at the blog instructions, which are correct.
5) When you’re putting the magnetic snap in and you “fold in half lengthways”, this means folding so that the two shortest edges are together. This took me an embarrassing length of time to figure out.
6) READ AHEAD on the outer pocket assembly. The top is the rounded edge but it doesn’t say this until after the snap is put in. So obviously I put mine in the wrong way round with the rounded corners at the bottom. That’s why mine has a lace detail… (this doesn’t matter for the blog instructions as ther shape has changed to a much easier rectangle)
7) The magazine says you align the flap with the topstitched interior main panel which is confusing. The blog has a helpful picture and omits the word “topstitched” which makes more sense. You are actually aligning it with the unfinished edge otherwise you will end up sewing your pocket up!
8) When sewing the zip, hand crank over the teeth. I broke two needles.
9) When you’re sewing the zip panel to the main pieces, do pin. I decided not to and my curves are not perfect.
10) It is really hard to sew the Y seams to join the bottom if- like me- you’re not used to 3D sewing, you have been warned!

Other than that though I would say don’t let me put you off. Go by the blog instructions– they’re a lot more accurate and there’s more step by step photos to guide you. It really opens your eyes to how bags are put together and you learn lots of things along the way. And of course you get a pretty bag at the end. It’s also an excellent way to use up scraps and give you an excuse to get a Big Shot with 2 1/2″ die….

I must say I love working with these handles, they really set the bag off and give me an excuse for hand sewing. I bought these from this Etsy shop.

WIP Wednesday- Charm Packs in action

I’ve just remembered that I’ve not shown you one of my WIPs started a little while ago. I started it as a distraction project (and have already named it “Hello Chevron”) and it will use 3 charm packs in it’s construction. I’m not letting myself pick it back up again yet though as I need to get thinking “curtains” and stop procrastinating.

I drew up this plan in EQ7- the pink bits are patterned pieces from the Hello Luscious charm packs, the rest are solids cut from yardage…

As you can see I’ve done the top row already. As my room is a mess because the other side of the garage is being painted and what-not, I could only really trap it in the door to photograph early this morning, but I think you get the idea!

My next project has been puct back over and over again so I am going to allow myself to finish this one before next wednesday with any luck. Also from a charm pack, this time Tend the Earth by Deb Strain. I was originally going to make a kaleidoscope quilt with this charm pack and it didn’t really work out and I ended up with a few wasted charm squares and the whole thing got bundled away for a while. After I found THIS PATTERN in Modern Quilting magazine I knew I had to make it, I bought handles for it ages ago and then last week I discovered my slightly abused charm pack would be perfect for this as it says it needs only 33 charm squares (though I counted and it’s actually 34)!

Sorry for the slightly blurry pic, as I say, it was early! These are my two front panels, I’m just finishing the sides, bottom and flap pieces then I have to do the bit I hate- cut out ALL the interfacing and lining pieces. This is why I don’t normally make bags- too much pattern cutting! Just need to buy some more fusible fleece, mega strong interfacing and a big zip!

 WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

The one where Kerry shows you some more brown fabric

So here’s a picture of all the stuff I bought- more D Rings, sliders, bag feet and swivel clasps than anyone can use in a lifetime. Plus Frames and clasps and handles…. this tidy lot was from “3D Hardwares” and cost a total of £32. I even didn’t pay customs for it (don’t tell HMRC on me!). Apart from the flexi frame (which comes with weird size pins so I modified it) I think it was all bargainous and I will definitely be topping up on bits later in the year.

I made my bag yesterday with some of that hardware. It’s the cross body bag from Sew Serendipity Bags, but I was cheap and got the pattern from Creative Handbags magazine (published by the magazine company I used to work for) which was a special issue at WHSmiths. There’s actually a few bags I’d like to try in there so even though it’s pretty pricey for a magazine (£5.99), it’s not too bad.

There’s a bag I want to make from the first issue of Modern Quilting magazine too but it’s probably not going to be done in time (as my sister’s quilt needs finishing,  but we shall see) for the end of the PURSE PALOOZA!

So anyway without further ado this is my entry…

It’s made with a tan (or brown if you will) print from the So Sophie range at Riley Blake. My favourite fabric of the minute. I’m not sure what the white fabric is but I daresay it’s some kind of Makower or Andover fabric as they are predominantly what the shop sells where I bought it from. The flap is not the most expertly sewn thing ever so you’re not getting a close up of that.

However you do get other close ups of my hardware purchases in use!

And look I was clever and put a special pocket in for my phone and pens!

Don’t forget you can still enter my brown- but vintage and pretty- fabric giveaway HERE– you have a couple of days left.

Righty-o well I’m working on another tutorial for you, this time making your own personalised little plastic tags for jewellery or other handmade bits and pieces, I’ll have that finished and up on this blog before the middle of next week as I am going North of the Humberland for a short break. So please check back for that.

Spotlight on… Old Bag Crafts

Old Bag Crafts can be found on Etsy (http://oldbagcrafts.etsy.com) or Folksy (http://oldbagcrafts.folksy.com) and may just have the answer to your Christmas gift wrapping woes. Vicky makes gift bags as well as totes and other accessories, so you can give those awkward to wrap presents in a lovely reusable fabric bag!


I am taking part in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month), so I will be blogging every day in November. Today is post 26: http://www.nablopomo.com/

Thank you DomesticKat!

I put together a couple of graphics for Kat’s shops on Etsy (http://domestickat.etsy.com) and Folksy (http://www.folksy.com/shops/domestickat) and in return look what I got in the post on Monday!

The messenger style bag is made from a suede material with lovely red stitching and coordinating red and cream patterned lining. It also has a lovely zip section making 3 compartments inside! I think she usually retails these for £10-15 which is great value. And I got a matching tissue pouch! I’m going to give these to my sister as a gift.

I also got this cream bag with leaf detailing. Each leaf is individually sewn on, it really must have been a labour of love! Really pretty. There was also a giraffe handmade card and 3 lollies (which I ate) so it was a really nice surprise. Thank you DomesticKat!