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Birthday stuff finished!

And with an hour and a half to spare!

This quilt probably took a total of 5 hours to make, so nice and quick when you find out that half an hour of that time was spent by me fighting with my sewing machine to attach the binding rather that shred the thread. I’m pleased with how its turned out because it’s the first time I’ve made my own binding. I sewed it on in an extremely unorthodox fashion but I think it works. I’ll do the binding properly on my next quilt which I should hopefully have more time for!

I also baked this cake today using this recipe and the biscuit recipe from the Biscuiteers book. It took a lot of effort and a trip out to buy more butter and it doesn’t look at all like what I was going for! I wanted to roll a fern into the icing and paint over the relief so it looked more realistic. It didn’t work so instead it looks like I painted a tree on with coloured cocoa butter. Also I wish I was a bit neater with drawing with icing. Oh well, it’s to be eaten anyway and if the build up to the recipe is anything to go by it should be delicious!

Next to do is make some cake truffles for him to take into work tomorrow, but I’ll do those after dinner.