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I think I’ll go and eat worms…

Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I think I’ll go and eat worms…..

Seriously though I think I’m at a point where something needs to be done. I’ve had quite a lot of publicity recently, including yesterday when I was on the Etsy blog no less: http://www.etsy.com/storque/spotlight/uk-edition-dog-rescue-with-pennydogaccessories-7371/

However I am not getting the buyers in anymore. Lots of browsers, nobody likes my stuff enough to need it in their life. This is true to online and every single craft fair I have done this year. I haven’t even been able to cover my table cost at even one of the five I have been to. I know you can blame the time of year, but hell, I was doing really well online even in January!

So something needs to happen, I need to change something that’s going wrong. It’s not my marketing so it has to be something else.

What do I do? I’m completely blind to what is going wrong. The options are:

  1. Get some snazzy new photographs done (this is kind of happening slowly as all the shoots that have been planned by 3 different photographers have been cancelled so far. Fun).
  2. Change something on my website, how it works, maybe add a feature…
  3. Streamline my products even more (this does NOT appeal).
  4. Get off my ass and concentrate on working on those prototype new knitting needles, belts, etc.
  5. Something else.

I think I’m almost too bland in a way, but that was kind of my selling point. However I now just fade into the background and I don’t know what to do about it.



Lots of orders part 2

So 2 orders are made already!