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Round the blocks

Have you seen the Can’t Grow a Mo’ Sew a Mo’ block appeal? I won’t go into too much detail but it’s being managed by DJ Cool Bear to make a quilt to be raffled off for Movember and the Mary Potter Hospice raising money for prostate cancer patient care. All you have to do is make a block square or rectangular up to 12.5″ unfinished with an applique moustache (and there are some templates provided on the link if you can’t draw one) and mail it off to be included. I had forgotten my seam allowances when making my block this morning so I am quite glad of this because I expected to have to add another border tonight! Since quilting is all about working together and good causes traditionally, it might be something you want to get involved in. CLICK HERE FOR ALL OF THE INFORMATION.

So here’s my finished block, a dapper Dickensian gent is what I was aiming for…

Also I finished round 1 of the UK Borders Agency bee- I got Hannah’s boat block first so I added lots of solid strips round the outside to create a bit of a gap so the next person can add a load of patterns if they wish without it being too chaotic! I will be passing this on to Gina when I next see her, I have some things for her anyway!

Sadly it’s got a bit of a wonk to it- it doesn’t lay totally flat and I’m a bit worried to be honest. It could be because the block either wasn’t straight when I started adding to it or it could have been something I’ve done when building it. So what I’m thinking is if I put a big white border on it, do you think I’ll be able to square the wonk off? Any tips?!

Lastly, I’m looking for a volunteer to review the book below for me. I think sometimes it’s nice to get a mix of people reviewing things. I would post this out for you to keep and then I would need to know your general likes and dislikes about it, a couple of photos of things in the book you found particularly appealing and then I’ll format it into a guest blog post. I’d prefer UK reviewer at the minute because it will be quicker to get it to you and (marginally) cheaper. Any takers?


Wiggly Bags – Stitching for charity

I made these two bags in just a few minutes with just two 6″ squares of fabrics, a tiny bit of Velcro and 2m of tape each. They are for the Olivia Holmes Foundation and they hold Hickman lines- also known as central lines- for ill children (used for chemotherapy, blood transfusions and giving medicine without having to have lots of needles) so they can have them tucked cleanly out of the way whilst they aren’t receiving treatments.

I must admit the idea of having a wiggly makes me feel very squeamish, I can’t even cope with belly buttons! I don’t know how these kids do it.

I’m going to make a couple more for The Liberty Rose Trust near Tamworth, which are a bit more local to me too.

The fabric I’ve chosen is for slightly older kids as I didn’t really have any fabric suitable for the very young at first glance. I’m pretty sure I have something with puppies and chicks on though somewhere, so they will be used for my next batch. I originally stitched these with ribbon and then realised that they might be a bit scratchy around the neck pieces so I’ve gone for more traditional twill tape. I have a big roll of it, it’s just a bit boring to look at!

Another minor adjustment I made- I put the end of the tape under the fold for the first pieces and simply folded it over when I stitched to hide the end.

So if you have some bright, fun scraps in your stash, this could be a great way of using them up whilst doing some good at the same time. They are really simple to make, so for more details on the cause and the instructions, please visit the Strawberry Patch blog.


Crafteroo for Children in Need

We’ve decided to reopen the Folksy shop again with items generously donated by Crafteroo forum members. Last time we raised over £600 for Comic Relief with 98 sales, and we hope to do just as well this time! please have a little browse, and if you decide you’d like to donate too, please have a look at this thread for how to take part.

Here’s a taster of the lovely donations so far:

Thank you!

Comic Relief the Crafteroo way…


The Crafteroo forum (www.crafteroo.co.uk) now have a group shop to raise money for Comic Relief in partnership with Folksy. Items are been added all the time, all kindly donated by the members of the forum, and all proceeds will go towards this year’s Comic Relief campaign.

Please take a look and support the cause: http://CrafterooShop.folksy.com

And thank you to Folksy for waiving the fees for this cause!

Pink for October

I don’t normally blog about myself too much, but I would like to show you a new variation of my ice ring that I have made to support Breakthrough Breast Cancer as well as the Retired Greyhound Trust. I am now adding colour to the rings (I can make to custom order in any colour you wish), and I am doing a pink edition sold only through Etsy specifically for breast cancer awareness. I have priced it at the same price as the clear ice ring at $20 (about £10) with $2 to go to each charity with each sale. Here’s the link directly to the item, and sorry for promoting myself!



So I thought I would post up my first press release, mainly because I trust WordPress not to lose it, and I trust my computer a lot less!

The newly established jewellery range, PennyDog, by its very name and logo is influenced by the greyhound. Founder Kerry Wilkinson named her company after her newly adopted 10-year-old brindle bitch, Penny. On adoption, Penny underwent several veterinary treatments, including dentistry and medication, all funded for by the Retired Greyhound Trust as a way to encourage adoption of these beautiful, but often unwanted animals.

One year on, and Penny is now 11 and regaining confidence. By means of repayment to the RGT, Kerry has pledged to donate £1 from each piece sold to the charity, which will help fund treatment for more dogs and their owners, and promoting the rescue of these affectionate dogs, of which 10,000 are retired from racing every year, desperately needing new homes.


The jewellery range is entirely made by hand and now covers rings and bangles, as well as pendants and earrings, and the design range is rapidly growing in size, as well as accepting custom orders for customers and retailers alike. To help strengthen links with retailers and galleries, the Boutique by PennyDog range offers high quality materials, design and craftsmanship in every piece, to create more opportunities for retailers to maximise their sales in the gift sector with the PennyDog range. The Boutique by PennyDog range is available online exclusively at http://pennydogaccessories.etsy.com, the standard range is on show at www.penny-dog.co.uk.