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Chelsea flowers – Ta daaaa!

Yeah, yeah I know- two posts in one day, BUT I have just got pics of the stand I was working on for this year’s Chelsea Flwoer Show (opens tomorrow) and you can see some of the billions hundreds of flowers we sewed up…

K thx bai.

Chelsea thing done!

I have made- with the help of three others at work- around 180 flowers and buds made from gardening gloves¬†to fill the full front of our stand at Chelsea Flower Show- which is 12 metres. They are red, white and blue for the jubilee and make three large arches at the front of the stand and a little one on the backwall behind the counter. They’re being loaded onto the van, so I only have a cameraphone¬†sneak peek for you. I’m hoping for some in-situ shots to be sent over to me next week….

I feel more in the mood to do some of my own sewing now and did make a few things last weekend. I’ll show you some bits and bobs in my next post…