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Spotlight on… None of the Above, plus a new idea in progress

Last week I received a little parcel from Canada, and I eagerly opened it… Look what I got!


The colours and textures are gorgeous- just look at the detail!


They are made by None of the Above on Etsy and I envy her patience and polymer clay skill! She’s got quite a successful shop (and rightfully so), and I’m now worried that the items I sent her in a swap won’t be up to her expectations…

Here’s some more of my favourites from her shop- check them out!

In other news, I am working on making my collection of Christmas cards this week and also I had a brainwave. I decided to make resin friendship heart pendants. I make the resin fabric hearts as normal, then each one is individually cut before findings will be added. I haven’t sanded this one yet as I was eager to get the saw out first, plus I plan to sand then cut in the future, but you get the idea 🙂


I hope to have some in my shops soon for potential Christmas pressies!


Spotlight on… Hinomaru

These rings are really unusual, chunky and affordable! Made by Hinomaru (http://hinomaru.etsy.com) in Japan from fired clay, check them out!

Spotlight on… Carol’s Crafts

I was flicking through the new sellers section on Folksy and found lots of lovely polymer clay items, and then discovered they were by the same person! Carol’s shop (http://carolscrafts.folksy.com) features polymer clay buttons, brooches and jewellery, as well as some lovely bracelets that use glass beads in their construction too. Here are some of my favourites:

Spotlight on… Dier Designs

I haven’t done one of these for a little while, so thought it would be an opportune moment to introduce to you Dier Designs (http://Jleareid.etsy.com), quite a new shop on Etsy, from a user who has been registered on the site a little while. I love the combination of clay and glass to make these bracelets!

What happened with the Sukerukun?

Silly me forgot to post about my first venture with the Sukerukun, sorry to those who were waiting! This is my first attempt at a flower ring:

I found the clay to be ridiculously soft, which made it quite difficult to work with, but I wouldn’t have described it as sticky. After 24 hours it was still quite white (it is white when you first work with it), but after a couple of days, including a stint in the airing cupboard, and a blast of car lacquer later, it comes out clearer, but translucent at best I would say. The thicker the less transparent. Still very flexible though! Weird stuff, haven’t quite decided on an official use for it yet!

Spotlight on… CreaShines

These are awesome! I love unusual jewellery as many readers will have noticed by now, especially in mediums that start of as a sheet of glass or a ball of clay, or a bottle of resin, rather than just a nice selection of pre-bought supplies. This is another of those shops, with all kinds of modern designs in polymer clay from CreaShines (http://CreaShines.etsy.com)


Look what I bought! Can’t wait for it to come from Japan. It claims to be an almost transparent resin clay called Sukerukun, whether it will be more like Fimo I won’t know until I’ve had a play, but I’ll let you know how I get on!