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Back off holiday!

I’ve been in Copenhagen and Malmo the last few days, but being me I took very few photos. Apart from I asked my OH to photograph these floors on his phone because I’m weird like that. In fact, when I got my iPhone, the first thing I photographed I think was the floor in¬†an antique shop. I was just struck by them and thought I might make a new patchwork¬†block pattern based on these.

This one was in the reception of our hotel.

And this is in the town centre. I’ve already decided that when I adapt it (probably for paper piecing) I’m going to call it the Copenhagen.

We saw some yarnbombing as well but I didn’t take a picture (of course).

For more reading, there’s a review I wrote over on the Craft Pimp blog today– it’s for the Drunkards Path ruler by Creative Grids.