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I got a nice bundle of pressies yesterday which made up for me spending an entire week making chocolates (including 3 days booked of work at last minute). So whilst the carpet fitters were in putting down the new carpet you can see in these photos(!) I was crammed in the conservatory with the crying dog and all the furniture opening my packages and it was just the pick-me-up I needed.

Firstly I decided I was going to be naughty and open my secret santa gift from the Crafteroo forum. I organised the partners so I know who sent to me, which is slightly cheating! Anyway thanks SO MUCH Ali, I am thrilled with what I got!

A hedgehog pin cushion, a hedgehog make-up bag (how did you know mine was dilapidated?), some gorgeous print fabrics and a book!

For those that are wondering, “Why the hedgehogs?”, I am on the waiting list for a baby african pygmy hedgehog of my own in the new year 🙂

I also received three charms in the post which I will attach to a bracelet when they all come in. These are from an X Factor Sweepstake that we had over on the Craft Pimp forum. We were all allocated an act- some got another when theirs left as there were 10 of us in the swap and 12 acts- and I got Little Mix, who won! So I get a charm from each of the other participants- lucky me! 😀

From left to right… Jo, Vic, Fiona

I can’t wait to see what else come! My OH particularly likes the metalwork one by Jo, but my photo is a bit pants at showing them off. I’m very pleased with what I have so far!

I have a huge quilt to get done in time for Christmas, I hope to show you that soon!


Craft Pimp

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet recently, this week in particular is a strain, but after the fair this weekend, I will have a few days to sew and get Christmas stuff sorted before the mad Christmas chocolates post rush begins, then I am looking forward to lots of me time from my birthday onwards until the New Year which will be heaven! I’m allegedly going dog sledding in early January, so that should be an interesting story to tell.

Anyway, I’ve recently joined the Craft Pimp team on Etsy with trufflepiglet (and if all goes well with rebuilding PennyDog in my relaxing break I may be able to do the same with that shop)- it is for members of the Craft Pimp forum who have well stocked shops and are serious about selling on there, and increasing their presence. here’s a few examples of the team’s work currently available for sale! Because it makes a change not to just talk about me for once and of course Christmas is coming (hint, hint!)…

Betelgeuse Art Glass Picture by Kiln Fired Art

Bring Me Sunshine Bouquet by I Heart Buttons

Blue Topaz Pendant by Anna McDade

She's A Rainbow Glass Bead Set by Kitzbitz Art Beads

 For more, just search “cpteam” on Etsy.