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I made something with fabric and it wasn’t a disaster!

Title says it all really. I decided this morning to print off the instruction manual for my cheap Lidl sewing machine and learn what all the different feet did. I cut a piece of vintage curtain 18″ x 42″ and hemmed the two shortest edges, before folding 12″ from the edge right sides together and sewing up the sides on both ends to make a simple slip cover for a 16″ cushion.

I decided to experiment a bit further and learned how to sew a buttonhole with the 4 step system I didn’t know my machine had, and even sewed on the buttons with the machine! It was an interesting experience and it isn’t exactly perfect- the back isn’t level for a start! Still I think this is great for a sewing-phobe like myself and I look forward to more adventures with simple sewing!

I also got an e-mail today advertising “Craftseller” magazine. It’s out quarterly starting tomorrow and is aimed specifically at those who make so much stuff their house is full and they want to sell some of it! I’m going to order a copy online to see what it is like, though I imagine it’s probably going to just be yet another multi-craft magazine out this year (I count this as the 4th new release since Feb!) and not teach me anything I don’t know. We will see!