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Swap Mini Quilt finished!

That mini quilt for Brit Quilt Swap 3 I gave you a sneaky look at yesterday…. well it’s now finished 🙂 I stitched the binding and label on yesterday evening and now it looks like this…

It only uses scraps out of my scrap drawer- even the binding was salvaged from when I cut too much for my sister’s Good Fortune Snapdragon Quilt. There is one rubbish seam but I’m hoping it’s not too obvious. The middle is a button because I am poor at appliquing circles! It is stitched on tightly through the material on the button so you can’t see the raw edges underneath. 

And the back is lots of dots- a cheeky black thread has found it’s way on here, please pretend that hasn’t happened! I machine stitched the label, it’s not fantastic but it works. But I’m not revealing who it is for yet! I’ve added corners for dowelling- I’ve never used this way of handing personally but I’m hoping it works as they look quite small! I started off with 2/5″ spares and folded in half, pinned them in place and stitched on the HUGE binding over the top of them!

As a reminder, if you want this pattern for yourself, I bought it for $5 on Craftsy HERE.

As a way of curbing my expenditure I’m not buying any more fabric now til January! *gasp*
I am allowing myself to buy backing fabric and thread if I run out and I have projects to finish, but none of those pretty pretty buys. I did win a gift voucher the other day though so I will have some goodies to show you, I’m just not getting the plastic out until after Christmas as I have a big enough stash to sew pretty much anything.  I would like a fat quarter bundle of Patty Young’s Heaven and Helsinki range though for my birthday *hint hint family*

Right well I missed 3 days of listing stuff on Etsy so I’m going to get some pendants listed now. Come back tomorrow as I have naughtily started another project and I will share it with you then!


Pretty patterns over on Craftsy

I’ve started a small patterns shop on Craftsy (link is now in my top bar of the blog) which I’m going to add my free blocks to too, but I thought it would be worth giving a nod to some other pattern seller on there so you can see what fantastic patchwork patterns are on there, it’s definitely worth a look!

I actually bought this one and it’s what I’m using to make the main feature of my mini quilt for the Brit Swap…

Good Luck Star by Banner Creek Designs – $5

But I have my eye on these too!

Cross Star Paper Pieced Block by Bubblestitch – $2.90

Star and Crescent Quilt Pattern by Shell Bees Treasures – $4

Flowers in Vintage Bottles by Charise Creates – $5