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Cross Stitch Update #5

It’s been a couple of months since I updated on my bird cross stitch- time flies! In that time I finished the one for my sister which I will be able to show you in a fornight’s time sicne it’s a birthday present and she might be reading! Anyway, lots more done since my last update on progress:

Can you tell what the bird on the left is going to be yet?

Finished Tatty Teddy

I took a break from my large bird cross stitch project to make this for my sister- I obviously included one of my h00pla decoupaged hoops too 😉 Looking back at my bird project, it seems really daunting in comparision, so will have to try and gently ease myself back into it.

Cross Stitch Update #4

Lots more done 🙂

Cross Stitch Update #3

I went off the idea of starting another one and continued with the birdies, however not quite at the rate of the previous two weeks, a bit slow progress I’m afraid!

Cross Stitch update #2

Finished the Swallow! Will have to take a break for a while though as I have a cross stitch to do as a gift over the next few weeks!

Cross Stitch update!

I’m going to try and check in every monday with my cross stitch progress, here’s last week’s worth- I got a lot done! There’s 7 different shades of blue in there which was quite taxing 🙂