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Custom order part 4: now finished

I always seem to finish these stages at night when photo taking is rubbish as flash is pretty compulsory!

I made the little silver pieces on Monday night and fired them on Tuesday morning, then distressed them with liver of sulphur and a wire brush. Then the findings finally arrived so I could finish putting everything together…

This is a heart containing horse hair on an 18″ sterling silver chain with little name tag, and hair in a lozenge of resin on sterling silver chain made into a bracelet with small “K” tag. The only thing I would have liked is to have found a neater finding for the two ends of the lozenge- they’re quite big but the jumprings I had were too round to go through the hole at each side, and when I tried to form them for this purpose they were too weak for use in a bracelet.  The other clamps I had were too small so I didn’t have a lot of option 😦

I just hope the chain isn’t too thick as the lady they are for likes more delicate chains. It is 6mm round chain and the thinnest “bracelet” chain I could find!


This is a more casual jewellery set- a teardrop of resin with red glass bead and ashes embedded. It is on a 26″ grosgrain ribbon with (mostly) sterling silver findings. There’s a britannia silver name tag on that too and it also has a small red glass bead added alongside it. The bracelet to match is again ashes and glass bead, but is attached to a band made from cord. Quite pleased with this one as the findings were easier to source and worked well despite this being my first cord bracelet (maybe I’ll make more?). The also has a “K” tag and a glass bead dangle.



Make 50: Week 45 and custom order continued

My make for this week is this pair of earrings, they have fabric embedded inside which gives them an ornate sketchy feel.

I am progressing with the custom order I blogged about in my last post. The pieces are now sanded and polished (sorry for the flash I took it after 10pm last night), I drilled them this morning and started working on the findings, though I need some ribbon clamps and triangular clamps to be delivered before the bulk of the work can be done. I will also be making real silver name tags for them too, so there will be another update…


Blogumentary: Cody’s Steampunk Earplugs Part 4

Finished! I sanded them down with wet and dry, then sprayed with acrylic. Will be posted tomorrow.


Blogumentary: Cody’s Steampunk Earplugs Part 3

The plugs have now been cast, here’s how I did it…

Mixed resin and poured into mould, filling it 3/4 full. Left to set.

Sprinkled watch parts on surface of cured resin.

Topped up with catalysed resin to top of mould and left to cure again.


Blogumentary: Cody’s Steampunk Earplugs Part 2 and a few other things…

Today I got on with the business of making the mould for the resin pugs I am making for Cody…

I superglued the model into the lid of a little tub to stop it from falling over…

I mixed the silicone in the main part of the pot…

I then popped the lid back on and tuned the pot upside down to allow the silicone to run around the model. The cup is for a bit of stability as the lid was slightly domed!

Also this morning before I went to work, I baked some tags for a customer. They are ready for sealing, just need to print a few more disks and her order is complete!

And on the subject of plastic tags (kind of), last night I bought the February edition of Crafts Beautiful from ASDA as my article on printed shrink plastic is in it, page 50-51! Check it out 😉

Blogumentary: Cody’s Steampunk Earplugs Part 1

Today I got another custom order on Etsy for some earplugs, after determining how they should look and the size, I made the model for the mould. It is made from a Police “Kill Your Speed” pen barrel which nicely was 1cm in diameter, and sawed it 30mm in length.

I then mixed some Milliput and filled the tube. Just waiting for it to harden and then I will gently sand the edges before making the mould.

Blogumentary: Jenny Blaze’s Two-finger ring part 2

Now I’ve sanded the model down so it’s nice and smooth, ready for creating the mould:

I’ve also printed and transfered the decal onto acetate, and it will fit nicely:

The next step is to ive the acetate a good clean, and get casting the mould! I might need to buy some more moulding material though.

Blogumentary: Jenny Blaze’s Two-finger ring part 1

I’ve decided to document the stages to completion for a custom order I am currently working on. The design is a two finger ring which will be clear resin with floating name text. There will actually be two making up this order, one side that says “Jenny” and one that says “Blaze”. My first step was to get a couple of rings in the correct size and create the model in Milliput:

And the text style and positioning has been agreed:


The next stage will be sanding and creating the mould, and I also need to print the text decal!

Top-up stock

Kathleen and Lily’s let me know that they have sold 7 items in their shop, and want more stock for the Christmas shoppers, so today I’ve been working on replacement goods. I’m so pleased that things have been selling well in the little over a month that they have been on sale there.

Here’s a little peek at my work in progress:

I am taking part in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month), so I will be blogging every day in November. Today is post 27: http://www.nablopomo.com/

Custom order work in progress…

I’ve been making a tinfoil heart necklace for ITSABEE1 on Folksy as a custom order as there is a story behind the foil and she wants it as a keepsake. Unfortunately I got some nasty veins on the back of the piece making it look dirty from the front. To solve this problem, I got out my trusty bandsaw and cut around the heart to remove all of the duff resin. It needs a bit of filing to smoothen the edges but It now looks like this:

I will then put it back in the circle mould and refill clear resin around the edges, though I’m waiting for a new mould to come through as my other one got damaged, any day now… This got me thinking. I could cut shapes with embedded objects out with the saw and fill the edges with different colour resin, which means another tutorial option for my book (I can dream) and a unique product! I will definitely be having a play with this to see if it works!

This is what it did (and will) look like:

I’ve also been making some dog hair pendants for pangolin on Crafteroo. It sounds like an odd request, but they are also little keepsakes for her mum to remember her dogs who no longer live with her. I should have taken some photos but they’ve gone off with the postman! Here’s when they were in the mould, see dog hair can be attractive 😉

Finally I’ve been working on my Folksy Angels entries. The first of my two entries is nearly finished, I’m making a silver and a gold tealight holder. The mould was made from old moulds and recycled, and the holders themselves are resin and inside are pieces of chocolate coin wrappers. Unfortunately chocolate coins were harmed in the making of this production :p

Lots and lots of sanding for me to do at the moment, I can’t wait until Santa brings me this!

I am taking part in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month), so I will be blogging every day in November. Today is post 18: http://www.nablopomo.com/