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Interview with… Ali Bali Jewellery


Alison makes pretty jewellery with beads and silver. Her designs are classic, with a wide appeal, here’s a little bit more about Ali Bali Jewellery…


Who are you and where do you come from?
I’m Alison, I live in Edinburgh.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love playing tennis, badminton and when I have the time, sailing!

Please tell us a little bit about what you make.
I make hand crafted jewellery from a variety of materials including sterling silver, semi precious stones, freshwater pearls and quality glass beads. I also use art clay silver in many of my pieces. Art Clay silver is made by a Japanese recycling company and consists if fine recycled particles of silver suspended in clay. Once the clay is fired the silver binds together to form 0.999 fine silver.

What do you enjoy making most?
I’m obsessed with bracelets, definitely my favourite item to make, probably because they’re the piece of jewellery that I most enjoy wearing.

What part of jewellery making do you dislike the most?
I don’t think there is anything I don’t like. Probably waiting for art clay silver to dry…. I get impatient to get on with the next stage in the process.

What are your main inspirations for making a piece?
Inspiration comes from loads of sources, initial inspiration is often buying a new item of cloting and wanting to make a piece to compliment it!!

Do you plan out your designs or do you get stuck in straight away when inspiration strikes?
Occasionally designs are planned, but most just evolve!!!

What are you currently making?
My current obsession is crocheted silver and so I’m making lots of items with that (especially bracelets!). I’ve also just started doing silver fingerprint jewellery and have a number of orders part made after a craft fair on Sunday.

Do you make custom orders?
Yes, I love the challenge of custom orders. I’m currently making a ‘bali’ inspired necklace for a friend to wear at her wedding.

Where can we buy your work?
I have three online shops:
I also sell at a number of craft fairs in the Edinburgh and Scottish Borders areas, details are on each of my websites!

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Interview with… Kalicat


I found Catherine’s work after she contacted me through my website. I think she is very talented, and creates timeless pieces. I hope you enjoy her work too.



Who are you and where do you come from?
My name is Catherine Marche, I am French Designer Jeweller from Paris who lives and work in London.

What do you do in your spare time other than craft?
I am a Goldsmith and artist, and uttermost a Mother of 2 young boys (2 and 4), who take a good share of my time.

Please tell us a little bit about what you make.
High-end jewellery in precious metals (18K gold and sterling silver), for women with a great sense of style and fashion.
I design and hand make limited edition and bespoke jewellery that is characterised by its chic and elegance, with a hint of French playfulness. My pieces are made in high carat gold or sterling silver, playing with the rich colours of precious and semi precious gemstones and lustrous pearls. My collection includes engagement and wedding rings, [everyday] rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings and bracelets, as well as a few brooches.

What do you enjoy making most?
I have a little preference for rings, as our fingers deserve to be treated with respect. We have 365 days a year to adorn them, so why should we be contented wearing the same ring on the same finger day after day? I like to wear a different ring each day on my right hand, keeping my left one for engagement and wedding rings), sometimes, stacking up to 7 rings on the same finger. It does look very trendy when made with small thin rings like those from the Blum collection.
And after all, we do have 10 fingers.
I also love working on bespoke orders.

What are your main inspirations for making a piece?
I am inspired by people, music, moods and colour.
I believe that everyone deserves to look stunning and spoilt with beautiful and playful pieces that will enhance their inner beauty and be a statement or the mood of the moment I love to do custom orders, in fact I find the challenge very exciting! If you have an idea in mind for your own design, or you would like a different color, stone, metal just ask : )

What are you currently making?
Etched ring with onyx for man, 18K gold stacking rings with diamonds, and opera long necklaces and chains.
I like to work on several collections in parallel.

Can you make custom orders?
Oh yes. I am currently taking orders for special occasions like Christmas and Valentine’s day. Some creations can take a few weeks to be made, especially if they involve special processes like engraving, pave setting, etc.

Where can we buy your work?
I am offering my jewels on several venues like VIX Emporium in Philadelphia (USA), Katerina’ Gallery near Brighton (UK), and a few online galleries.
http://kalicat.etsy.com in US$
http://en.dawanda.com/shop/kalicat in Euros 
http://www.design-connections.com/designer.aspx?id=110&product=307  in GBP £, and a few others 🙂 Happy shopping and thank you for visiting!