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Noo Fabric

I was going to post about my curtain- yes singular- this weekend but they were a bit of a shouty disaster so I shall leave that for a time when I have fixed the problem and can think about it without feeling disappointed with myself.

So on a positive note, there are new fabrics in my Spoonflower shop- Barn Owls, Narwhal and a scribbly flowery thing. Here’s what they look like on Kona cotton.

Go get some if you like 😉

And here is a picture of my idiot dog.


Fabric8 competition…

I’ve only recently discovered the Robert Kaufman Fabric8 competition through reading a blog (sorry I can’t remember which it was) – there’s less than 10 days before the closing date but I thought I’d give it a whirl and start on it today.

You have to create something that is based on ink and watercolour artwork, but there’s no particular design or theme to stick to, so inspired by this carrier bag that once had cheese from Amsterdam inside…

…and aided with chocolate, I got my pencils and black pen out and made some motifs. I might make some more, I don’t know yet… but it’s probably going to be a windmill and cow combination- the tulip parts are if I get through to the next round- I’ll add it to my range of 8, along with a red white and blue stripe (like the Dutch flag).

I’m going to scan it (shorten the length of that cow’s neck!) and rearrange it into a pleasing repeat, laser print it and then colour with promarkers (having auditioned the colours I wanted) and lay the blending pen over the top to give a watercolour effect before scanning it in again!

Anyway, I’ll let you know how I get on.

A finished mini quilt and some more fabrics

I have 9 more tumbler blocks to swirly quilt and the binding and then I have finished my goldfinch quilt, however with it being mother’s day week I’m snowed under with chocolates to make so I probably won’t be doing any sewing any time soon- except at my sewing class tomorrow.

However I did finish the mini version for Amiee so I will be posting it this week!

I also received some spot co-ordinates to go with my fabric designs I showed you before. I’ve not ordered anything else yet, I want to work on some new designs first.

My design process- from sketch to print

Recently I have been fascinated by fabric design, and whilst mine aren’t the most fantastic designs you will ever see, I’m pretty pleased with them. I will continue honing my technique so I can create ditzy prints with various different features and images within the design, but for now I thought I’d share my design process. My library is here on Spoonflower if you want to see what I’ve been up to so far. My next step is to make some filler fabrics to use alongside the animal prints.

I start off with an animal in mind I want to draw, and set about looking for a photograph to use as reference. I then sketch out the main shapes and shadows- usually on scrap paper or in my diary with a ballpoint pen. The pictures above show how I start on the left and keep adjusting ’til I get the image on the right. This only took 3 scraps of paper but sometimes it takes more. Each time I traceover the shapes, taking note of the scribbled corrections I have made until I get a nice simple image.

Next, I scan it in! I scan as greyscale to get the detail, then I change the levels so it is pure black and white and rub out the blobby bits in Photoshop. Sometimes I draw over the lines again too, it can take me a while tweaking it til I’m happy.

I then convert to CMYK so I can add a bit of colour! I use the fill tool to add patterns too in parts. These are free patterns froom the Internet, but I hope to produce my own soon.

Then I choose the background colour!

Then I create a copy of my drawing, flip it and position it opposite like a mirror image and upload to Spoonflower, where I can tile the images as I wish!

And here something I made with my first fabric design last night 😀 (it was a practise sewing in zips too since I’ve not sewn in a zip for years).

Spring 2011 ranges!

From the success of my sweetie range, I’m pleased to show you the collections I am currently working on, the plan is to launch towards the end of October so I can showcase them at the fair at the Ricoh Arena and also just in time for Christmas pressies, though these will technically be my Spring 11 designs.

Polo Mint Jewellery

Jammie Dodger Jewellery


I found these on Flickr by Heartjoia.com and they are brilliant! I think I might have to experiment with making an interesting shaped ring mould this weekend with my band saw I have yet to use!