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A lightbulb moment

I’ve been testing the new resin, but I’ve been unable to sort out a bulb for my heat box to see how fast it can cure. The slowness can be a benefit however. I’ve been experimenting with semicured resin, as you’ve seen with the previous post where I created a loop in a pendant to thread a cord straight through. This time I used a rolling pin and an embossing plate and rolled a piece out to pick up a texture. You can’t do this kind of thing with polyester resin due to the chemical polymerisation process that epoxy has.

This has given me an idea- I could make imitation seaglass! I’ll share a tutorial with you soon. I am compiling distressed resin projects for a possible book AFTER the current one I’m working on as this seems to be my area of specialism at the minute, I love exploring the different properties.