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Making a jewellery display from a guitar stand

So normally I use a 30″x20″ canvas and my storage boxes to prop it up to display some of my necklace ranges.  It looks like this, and I use pins to temporarily keep them in place:

Unfortunately in order to get to the craft fair this weekend (http://handmadeoxford.blogspot.com) I will need to use the park and ride, so need to fit everything into a suitcase. No storage boxes and definitely no canvas with dangerous pins sticking out everywhere! This is my solution:

Here’s how I made it. I took a guitar stand like this:

I took two lengths of wood and marked the centre, then marked on notches on one piece to fit snugly on the bottom support. I then cut them out with a saw. I also cut a length of fabric, shorter than the maximum height of the stand, and as wide as the wood pieces and hemmed the sides.

Using a hot glue gun, I glued the piece of wood without notches to the fabric. The I glued along the front and top to secure on two sides.

At the opposite end, I used the glue gun to stick the piece of wood with notches onto the fabric. The notches were facing upwards towards the top piece of wood that had already been glued, then any stray fabric was glued to the bottom so that it was also covered on 2 sides as before.

Once dry, I lined up the notches with the bottom of the guitar support, so that the wood was positioned below it.

Then the top piece of wood was rested on the neck guard.

Using the screw at the back, the height could then be adjusted to pull the fabric taut.

Now the plan is to staple my jewellery onto the fabric and roll it up into an easy to transport roll. The guitar stand breaks down into 3 or 4 pieces so it should all fit nicely in my suitcase. All I’ll need is a staple remover 🙂

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