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Thank you DomesticKat!

I put together a couple of graphics for Kat’s shops on Etsy (http://domestickat.etsy.com) and Folksy (http://www.folksy.com/shops/domestickat) and in return look what I got in the post on Monday!

The messenger style bag is made from a suede material with lovely red stitching and coordinating red and cream patterned lining. It also has a lovely zip section making 3 compartments inside! I think she usually retails these for £10-15 which is great value. And I got a matching tissue pouch! I’m going to give these to my sister as a gift.

I also got this cream bag with leaf detailing. Each leaf is individually sewn on, it really must have been a labour of love! Really pretty. There was also a giraffe handmade card and 3 lollies (which I ate) so it was a really nice surprise. Thank you DomesticKat!