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Pink for October

I don’t normally blog about myself too much, but I would like to show you a new variation of my ice ring that I have made to support Breakthrough Breast Cancer as well as the Retired Greyhound Trust. I am now adding colour to the rings (I can make to custom order in any colour you wish), and I am doing a pink edition sold only through Etsy specifically for breast cancer awareness. I have priced it at the same price as the clear ice ring at $20 (about £10) with $2 to go to each charity with each sale. Here’s the link directly to the item, and sorry for promoting myself!



So I thought I would post up my first press release, mainly because I trust WordPress not to lose it, and I trust my computer a lot less!

The newly established jewellery range, PennyDog, by its very name and logo is influenced by the greyhound. Founder Kerry Wilkinson named her company after her newly adopted 10-year-old brindle bitch, Penny. On adoption, Penny underwent several veterinary treatments, including dentistry and medication, all funded for by the Retired Greyhound Trust as a way to encourage adoption of these beautiful, but often unwanted animals.

One year on, and Penny is now 11 and regaining confidence. By means of repayment to the RGT, Kerry has pledged to donate £1 from each piece sold to the charity, which will help fund treatment for more dogs and their owners, and promoting the rescue of these affectionate dogs, of which 10,000 are retired from racing every year, desperately needing new homes.


The jewellery range is entirely made by hand and now covers rings and bangles, as well as pendants and earrings, and the design range is rapidly growing in size, as well as accepting custom orders for customers and retailers alike. To help strengthen links with retailers and galleries, the Boutique by PennyDog range offers high quality materials, design and craftsmanship in every piece, to create more opportunities for retailers to maximise their sales in the gift sector with the PennyDog range. The Boutique by PennyDog range is available online exclusively at http://pennydogaccessories.etsy.com, the standard range is on show at www.penny-dog.co.uk.