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Some new drawings

I haven’t announced the winner of the book giveaway yet have I? Sorry I always do this, so without further ado…

The winner is comment #4 which was left by the lovely Snoodles! I will be dropping you an email shortly for your address (if you don’t beat me to it)!

I’ve not worked on an actual repeating pattern yet for these designs but I thought I’d prove I have got some more sketches done…

And I reckon once I’ve tidied up this quick sketch I could make a lovely repeat!


A new dog quilt

I have got a few WIPs I need to finish, a bee block to put borders on, a block to make for Fat Quarterly and a pattern I want to make into a top so I can sell my pattern.

HOWEVER (cue crappy iPhone picture featuring chewed pen)…

I have decided to map out my next dog quilt instead. It’s of Giant George, or Really-Big George as we like to call him. I just need to blow this up to span several sheets of A3 and get mapping… How big do you reckon I should go?

Right it’s bingo night and I’m hungry! Bye for now!

Present for Grandma

My grandma moved into her new flat this weekend, and out of her window she can see a field where people can keep their horses for grazing. She loves to watch them, so this gave me an idea for Christmas! I found this lovely print on Etsy and come pay day, it will be mine 🙂 The shop is Bruckner Cowboy Art: http://brucknercowboyart.etsy.com

Taylors New Filly, print by BrucknerCowboyArt $18.99
Taylor’s New Filly, print by BrucknerCowboyArt $18.99

 I am taking part in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month), so I will be blogging every day in November. Today is post 22: http://www.nablopomo.com/