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Ducking Firsts

I’ve had a play about with a couple of sewing techniques over this weekend and there’s a bit of a duck theme going on…

Firstly I made this embroidery and I think we will be keeping it because OH really likes it. It’s in one of my decoupaged hoops from yonks ago which I will put on the PennyDog site shortly because they’re no good to anyone languishing in a drawer.

This is my first attempt at raw edge machine applique and it’s based on a sketch I did a few years ago.

Next up is this large placemat or mini quilt if you wish. I’d intended it to be a table runner but got my measurements drastically wrong. Still it’s my first go at curved piecing and I think it’s pretty cute and it used up a few scraps so it cost me nothing in new fabric. I quilted and binded (bound?) it this morning. I went through 3 needles on the machine because the tension of the invisible thread was ridiculous due to it getting caught on a little nick on the edge of the bobbin resulting in my face being pelted with tiny bits of metal three times.

Time to make some more falafels and clean out the hedgehog!

EDIT- I am entering the mini quilt into the Ellison Lane Modern Mini Quilt challenge. I’m not sure if it counts as being modern enough, but I figured it had curves in so it would count! It’s 24.5″ across the long edge.


Handmade and Heritage

I thought I’d do a little blog post about Amiee from Handmade and Heritage today. I had posted about the goldfinch quilt I am making over on Crafteroo (which BTW is now trimmed and basted ready for quilting, thank you for asking!), and Amiee really wanted one, but could not forsee having the time to make one herself. I suggested we did a swap of sorts so I have now ordered a charm pack of the same fabric I used a layer cake of to make this so I can make a wall hanging for her in exchange for one of her amazing bird embroideries!

So without futher ado, I present said amazing bird embroideries. I’m getting a Jay one yeyyyy!

Cross Stitch Update #5

It’s been a couple of months since I updated on my bird cross stitch- time flies! In that time I finished the one for my sister which I will be able to show you in a fornight’s time sicne it’s a birthday present and she might be reading! Anyway, lots more done since my last update on progress:

Can you tell what the bird on the left is going to be yet?

Finished Tatty Teddy

I took a break from my large bird cross stitch project to make this for my sister- I obviously included one of my h00pla decoupaged hoops too 😉 Looking back at my bird project, it seems really daunting in comparision, so will have to try and gently ease myself back into it.

Cross Stitch Update #3

I went off the idea of starting another one and continued with the birdies, however not quite at the rate of the previous two weeks, a bit slow progress I’m afraid!

Interview with… Meridian Ariel


Apryl is a lovely lady with a taste for everything rustic and primitive Americana. She can lend herself to many different crafts, jewellery, illustration and embroidery, but these themes are prevalent throughout.


Who are you and where do you come from?
I’m Apryl Lowe, an anthropology/Art student dropout from California turned illustrator, turned blogging crafter, and geek, with a few stops in between. I was born in New York State and grew up in Northern California. For the past decade I have lived in Derbyshire with my husband and our incredibly industrious and inventive five year old Jedi Knight in training, and two cats.

What do you do in your spare time other than craft?
I love to cook and bake, experimenting with various recipe combinations. I have apparently developed a following for my brownies and cupcakes at my son’s school. Good to know that there is something to fall back on if this crafting lark doesn’t pan out. I’m also  movie and sci-fi/horror novel geek, and have the coke bottle glasses to prove it. And I drink copious amounts of coffee, my vice of choice next to dark chocolate.

Please tell us a little bit about what you make.
I play about with  a lot of different craft mediums, semi-precious beaded jewellery, illustrations on vintage story book pages, I knit simple objects(patterns are beyond my meagre brain comprehension) , and this past few months I have been teaching myself embroidery and sewing.

What do you enjoy making most?
Right now I’m really enjoying playing about with fabrics and paper, and learning to sew simple objects.

What part do you dislike the most?
Can I say the self promotion aspect of crafting? I’m terrible at selling myself and my creations, I can only hope that they speak for themselves.

What are your main inspirations for making a piece?
I draw inspiration from everything around me, the books I read, the movies I watch, my dreams, and my daydreams when doing the housework, Domestic Goddess I am not. I find that I am inspired by my crafty friends and the work of fellow crafters in the blogging and crafting community, sometimes all it takes is to see someone use a colour or bead or piece of fabric and my thoughts spiral in new directions.

Do you plan out your designs or do you get stuck in straight away when inspiration strikes?
I try to plan out my crafts but when inspiration strikes sometimes you just need to go with the flow and make what feels right with what is inspiring. I always carry a notebook with me wherever I go, so that when inspiration strikes I can scribble down my thoughts and little doodles.

What are you currently making?
At the moment I have been playing with mixed media art, combining fabric and vintage book paper with ink, paint, and card. I have also found a passion in sewing small lavender and rice filled warm bags, and a slight obsession with owls. Hopefully some of these works with filter through to my etsy shop.

Where to buy…