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Make 50: Week 38, or how to create a mess

I’ve been making textured bangles and highlighting with colour, for example these resin bangles with metallic enamel paint…

_DSF8049 _DSF8040

However I wanted to create some with black recesses and bought acrylic paint, thinking this would work better. It didn’t. It was messy trying to wipe off the excess paint whilst still wet so I left it to dry and now I can’t get the stuff off! I left it soaking overnight in turpentine substitute and then attacked it with a toothbrush and it STILL won’t come off! I saw a video on YouTube where someone cleaned acrylic paint off resin figurines with Dettol, so maybe I need to go down the shop and buy some. I have TCP but not sure if that will work the same.


So back on with the enamel on a new red bangle and bad news again…. I was brushing the excess of with the very same toothbrush and spattered myself including my skirt which I had only been wearing for half an hour. It’s now in the bath covered in Vanish! Fingers crossed it will survive!



Spotlight on… Agora Art

I love love LOVE enamel, but current experiments turned out rubbish. I aspire to be as good as Agora Art, this jewellery is just stunning!

Spotlight on… Kathryn Riechert

I added Kathryn to my Flickr favourites a little while back, but recently noticed her Penny dog tags on Etsy and thought it was very apt! I might even get one for Penny herself! Here’s a few highlights from her shop!


If you have any great tips for sellers to feature, either in the UK or elsewhere in the world, please drop me an e-mail at kerry@penny-dog.co.uk