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Enamelling and PennyDog plans

In between the masses of patchwork this weekend, I had a go at enamelling for the first time, using a low fire enamel I learned about over on Craft Pimp called Efcolor. I made two but my one with stencilled buttons looks a bit ugly so I will only show you the good one!

Also I’ve been thinking about my plans for PennyDog and this post is as much as a place of reference for me as it is to keep you updated. I plan to make it into more of an artsy boutique but without the massive facelift, just a few tweaks here and there to pretty it up. The items on sale will be mostly one offs though I will keep my most popular jewellery lines on too but totally start again with the categories, which are currently planned to be:
– Upcycled Clothing
– Textiles (includes handbags and soft furnishings as and when I want to make them!)
– Jewellery (covering all sorts of different techniques not just resin, so will probably have to break this down further)
– Made to order Jewellery
– Hand bound books
– Homewares
– Craft Supplies

The Craft Supplies section should be quite interesting as I plan to sell PDFs of resin projects and perhaps other areas that I don’t submit to magazines, plus the stuff you can find in my Folksy supplies shop such as pretty ribbons and destash buttons- not just resin things.