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Gedeo Resins Test

Back in June/July I freelanced for Gedeo UK as a tester of their new glazing and coloured resin products which was quite exciting as they wanted to know MY opinion so to better understand the market, how to promote it and even if they should drop the product completely! Talk about power! Anyway the products are now out there on the market so I thought it was about time I put my findings on the internet for those resin crafters out there that are thinking of trying it but aren’t sure how it compares to their favourite brand and there’s even a little tutorial on the last page. So here you go!

I still have a little bit of each colour yet, I really must use them before they crust over 🙂

Resin experiment continued…

When I went upstairs to check on the new Resin Obsession fast set resin last night, it had gone really bendy, like it still hadn’t cured yet. I can only imagine I didn’t stir it well enough, so at the minute I can’t tell the difference between this and normal epoxy resins. I will give it a go again and time it in the heat box once I have a bulb for it and then we will really see.

However, taking it out early did create something you can only do with epoxy, rather than polyester that I am used to- The bendiness meant I could fold it over and give it it’s own “bail” . I left this overnight and it finished setting that way, meaning no drilling needed, just slip a piece of cord through and voila! I think I have another tutorial to write!

Pretty new moulds for me and the new resin is here!

I’m in the process of testing the 1 hour set resin. At the minute it’s not setting fast, but I’ve not got a bulb for my heat box yet so it seems to be pretty similar to normal epoxy resin, albeit with more of a syrupy consistency. It’s also odourless which will appeal to a lot of people! I’m not selling this yet as I’m waiting on news to get my website back up and running, though if it is going to take a while I will list it in my Folksy supplies shop.

I got some new moulds today! One produces a nice domino size thick rectangle. I originally bought it to make beeswax thread conditioner bars from the beehive but it makes really nice resin pieces. Just testing the new resin in it at the minute!

I also got this shape, the idea being to fill the top in a different transparent colour to make it have a sort of stained glass look. First attempts did not go well however!

And my favourite. This is a mould that makes 3D diamond shapes! I am really pleased with this necklace and earrings set and will have it up for sale soon.

I’ll keep you posted about the epoxy resin once testing is over!