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Some new drawings

I haven’t announced the winner of the book giveaway yet have I? Sorry I always do this, so without further ado…

The winner is comment #4 which was left by the lovely Snoodles! I will be dropping you an email shortly for your address (if you don’t beat me to it)!

I’ve not worked on an actual repeating pattern yet for these designs but I thought I’d prove I have got some more sketches done…

And I reckon once I’ve tidied up this quick sketch I could make a lovely repeat!


I need your help quickly!

Tuesday is the closing date for Fabric8 and I’ve come up with a different design (this time computer coloured rather than hand coloured) and I need help choosing which I should enter! I don’t like having a solid white background but that is what seems to pop up a lot on the Pinterest inspiration board so I’ve gone with that.

So which do I enter? You have 24 hours to tell me!



So what do you think?

I would have prefered to do this in block colours rather than the watercolour effect but it’s what the brief ordered….

Matching the repeat up was a total PITA- it has taken me probably 3 hours to arange it properly and colour it and re scan it and then check that it still matches.

Should I do another one? I can change my submission before next week if I change my mind…. it just feels a but vintage-in-a-yucky-way 70s style cotton to me. That’ll be the watercolour effect.

Finished Fabric Designs

These are nowhere near perfect, but I am learning a bit about creating designs for printing onto fabrics as ultimately I want to make a lot of my products with my own surface design as well. I’ve got some dots that I’ve not ordered yet as I’m seeing what money I have left when I get back from holiday but I will have blenders and co-ordinates to go with each of these soon and I want to develop my drawings on the computer a bit ore in the future and add some different elements to make more of a ditsy print design when I get a bit better at it.

What do you think?