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Tutorial: Gelatin Printing on Fabric

I’m working on a mini quilt for the Brit Quilt swap and for the border squares I wanted to introduce a bit of personality. I could have put in some of the fabrics I’ve had printed with my designs but it wouldn’t fit in with the more abstract colour based design I’ve made so far. So I thought now would be the good opportunity for some gelatin printing!

You Will Need:
2 sachets of powdered gelatin or vege-gel (about 14-15g)
1 cup/235ml cold water
Saucepan and measuring jug
Wooden spoon
Flat bottom containers to be used as moulds
Plain cotton base fabric
Acrylic (or fabric) paints
Paintbrush (optional)
Scrap fabric

Note: This amount of gelatine made 2 plates about 1.5cm thick and 8cm wide. if you want to make a big plate, you could make it a little shallower and double the water and gelatine quantities.

1) Pour the water into the pan and sprinkle the gelatine on the surface. Let it soak in for a minute. Then heat.

2) Keep stirring the gelatine to stop it sticking to the bottom of the pan and once boiling. Turn it off the heat and pour it into your containers. It’s important that the inside  bottom of the containers is smooth for a smooth print. If it has a slight ridge, this will transfer onto your fabric. You can always cut the moulded jelly down once it sets into other shapes if you prefer.

3) Make some space in your fridge (not helped by me doing a shop just before this tutorial) and pop them in there for a few hours to set.

4) Once set, pull carefully out of the moulds and let the gelatine warm up slightly to room temperature.

5)  Apply your paint to the jelly blob. You can just squeeze it on or brush it on. I’ve gone for a loose daisy shape.

6) Put the fabric over the top face down and smooth it out over the gelatine from the centre outwards. You might want to cover the back with a bit of kitchen roll just to protect your hands from paint coming all the way through the fabric.

7) Take off the fabric and leave to dry face up. Once dry, cover with scrap fabric and press with a hot iron to set the paint. You can then use it as you wish!

I managed to create a series of near identical prints by splodging on the paint rather than brushing it on, which leaves plenty of paint behind for more prints before adding more paint.

Let me know if you have a go at this and what you use it for!


Fundraiser update- so far I’ve raised £30 of £7500 as of today, so if you can spare £1, please visit the Help Me page. Thank you!

Bundles and WIPs

Only three weeks to go ’til the Festival of Quilts! When I go I know I’m definitely going to subscribe to Popular Patchwork and I need to get a new cutting mat that is at least 16″ on the shortest side as my mat won’t even fit my 12″ squaring up ruler which is quite annoying! It’s cut to shreds anyway- I’ve definitely had a good two years wear out of the current one.

Anyway, depending on how much I end up spending, I would like to buy one of these bundles this month, either at the show or at Fat Quarter Shop if they are nowhere to be seen/too expensive. Check these beauties out…

Birds and Berries by Lauren and Jessi Jung…

Polka Dot Stitches by Lori Holt…

And my absolute favourite- Heaven and Helsinki by Patty Young.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
For WIP Wednesday (yes I’m joining in this time!) I’m working on my mini quilt for the Brit Quilt Swap. I’ve actually done a little more on it this morning-it’s now over 1/4 done! It’s a nice project because I can just sew four pieces together and trim and leave it until I have time to sew another four pieces together. It’s quicker and easier than it looks too. Some of my points aren’t exactly matching but it’s quite a forgiving design and you can’t tell too much. I hope my swap partner will like it when it’s all done. I have a few more weeks yet thankfully.

I’m also working on my Salt Air quilt, but with no pictures, sorry! It’s actually not going to be a quilt now- I’m going to measure up the window in my craft room and make it into long-awaited curtains! Who knows, I may even get the skirting boards painted in the warm weather and get them on the walls too- wonders never cease!

I’m also making it a mission to add at least one item to one of my Etsy shops every day until the end of August, whether it’s Trufflepiglet, the patterns shop or my general shop. I added two yesterday and I plan to do the same today. Who’s with me?

A hedgehog and a little giveaway

Because I said there’d be hedgehog pictures…

Right then so you want to know about the giveaway? Well I bought a bedding set from the antiques shop last weekend because even though the fabric was pale brown, I’m a sucker for that big bloom 70s style of pattern. I know there will be someone else like me who likes that too so I’m quite willing to share my purchase. When I unpacked it for washing, I found there was one big flat sheet plus two pillowcases. I’m pretty sure they’re 100% cotton, so ideal for patchwork or purse lining, something like that maybe. I might make a summer dress!

So, who wants to win the two pillowcases? They’re pretty large- I’d say in total you could get well over half a yard of material out of these! One person will win both, just leave a comment here to win. Open internationally. Closing time for entries is 11.59pm (GMT) on Tuesday 3rd (I’d say midnight but I didn’t know if that would confuse which day I meant) and I’ll draw the winner on the Wednesday.

Now I’m off to make handbags as my supplies came! More on that tomorrow…

Fluffy Sheep Quilting giveaway

Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting is having a giveaway- 2m of Kona solids however you want them! She’s asking for colour combination suggestions for Fat Eighth Bundles which she plans to release later this year.

Here’s my bundle, I’ve called it Summer Holiday. In the book club at work there was a picnic bag which was a beautiful combination of teal, coral and gold with a bit of white too. I would never have put those colours together usually but they looked fantastic! So that’s what mine is based on, to find out how to enter yourself, the blogpost with all the details on is here.

Colours selected (L to R): Corn Yellow, Bright Pink, Teal Blue, Pepper, Snow, School Bus, Purple, Lime.

Oooh look, new fabric….

I am blogging a lot this week. I’m sorry for clogging up your blog readers 😉

Anyway I just wanted to show you some new samples that came from Spoonflower, which means I now have more fabrics up for sale in my Spoonflower shop– yey!

In real life I prefer the blue tinge background seagulls- it’s not as bright as it looked on my screen. The bluey one is also slightly smaller scale as default as I thought there may as well be another difference. I even don’t mind my windmill one so much now 😀

Still looking for people to join the UK borders quilting bee! Here’s the post all about that.

Also I’m at the quilting stage on my Festival of Quilts dog quilt. If you’re one of the people interested in my progress on that I have a Flickr set here that’s documenting it rather than possibly getting boring by posting about it here all the time. I will be adding at least one more quilting photo tonight.

Sweet little giveaway

So, the blog is all fixed up good and true to my word, here is a giveaway!

I have for you…

  • a vintage hook and eye resin pendant made by me
  • Over a fat quarter of Lecien Un Amour de Cuisine fabric
  • a mini retractable tape measure covered with hedgehog fabric of my design and made by me
  • a big pile of fabric scraps with solids, rooftop garden, Liberty, Kaffe Fassett, a bit of Storyboek, Pezzy Print, Meadow Friends, Grand Finale and much more all mixed in. Of course all you stitchy people will know what do do with these, but if you’re a resin jewellery fan following this blog for quite some time, you could embed your favourite snippets and make jewellery from them 🙂

So you want to win the whole lot?

Leave me a comment here before midnight (GMT) on Monday 11th June. Tell me anything you like, maybe how you found my giveaway? Leave me your blog address if you have one if you like so I can have a nosey, or maybe recommend your favourite one if you haven’t got one. Giveaway open internationally.


Bonus prize:

  • 6x 10″ squares of my fabrics- hedgehogs, cats and chickens with the co-ordinating dots to go with them 
  • A tape measure custom made for you to your favourite colours

To win these prizes, tweet about my giveaway with a link to this page making sure you reference me so I can count you in (I’m @pennydog). The winner will be randomly selected from my @mentions section on Twitter so PLEASE DON’T LEAVE AN ADDITIONAL COMMENT ABOUT THIS! 


Feel free to follow my blog. I’d like that but it’s not essential. I will be doing some free block patterns and stuff soon as a BOM if I have enough regulars interested. And tutorials and what-not- I’m planning on having a play with gelatin printing my own fabric very soon and showing you what I did along the way. So yeah, hopefully you might want to stick around….

Good luck!

(Oh and this won’t get you extra entries or anything, but it would be great if you voted for me over here: http://www.crafteroo.co.uk/smf/index.php/topic,9491.0.html)

Buy my fabrics! (please)

Just FYI, I am starting to sell some of my designs over on Spoonflower. I was going to keep them to myself but I felt I could use a little bit of commission money, so it may take a while but I plan to grow my selection. There are more in the pipeline I just need to get them printed for myself before I can OK them for you guys, so please bookmark my page and come back often…. Oh and suggestions for designs are always welcome if you’re looking for something specific!

LINK: http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/pennydog


Also just putting this out there if you would care to have a look through the entries and vote for your favourite. You don’t have to vote for me- but obviously if you do I’ll be chuffed 😀 Voting ends in about a week’s time.

Lastly, on the topic of Crafteroo, get in touch if you want a free quarter page advert in the next issue of the magazine, out quarterly and the next issue is due 1st July. The only catch is for the 3 months we will promote your blog/website/shop/whatever, we would like you to put a button to our site on your blog or website. I’m in the process of making the button now and there’s not an awful long time to go- just a month! We have 23 gaps to fill so don’t be shy 🙂

Chelsea flowers – Ta daaaa!

Yeah, yeah I know- two posts in one day, BUT I have just got pics of the stand I was working on for this year’s Chelsea Flwoer Show (opens tomorrow) and you can see some of the billions hundreds of flowers we sewed up…

K thx bai.

I am REALLY enjoying cutting and sticking…

I decided at the end of last week to enter this year’s Festival of Quilts in the Pictorial category. I’ve never entered a quilt competition before (you could say I’ve never made a quilt without flaws too) and I’ve also never made a pictorial quilt which makes this decision slightly crackers, but nevertheless it gave me an excuse to start on an art quilt that I’ve wanted to do for a few weeks (see this post for when the urge started!). It will be amazing to see my work on display with all the other fantastic pieces!

Here’s what I’ve done so far… I made an image map from the photo on the wall and then made freezer paper templates over the top before pressing, cutting and sticking… (starting on Fletcher first):

HOWEVER I am going to be a bit short on tonal brown fabrics for Penny – though I have lots of fabrics that a re largely brown, they have too many other colours in with them- and being a bit strapped for cash I’m going to have to not buy new. The fabrics I have used so far are already in my stash or scrap box. So, this is where the second round of Lucy’s Fugly Fabric Party comes in (OK so it technically doesn’t start for another 4 days but I like being early to the party, and it will still continue over that time, so there :P)

So I propose a brown fugly fabric amnesty!

Have you got some browns that I can have? I don’t need a lot- up to a fat quarter size of a couple of different styles in a few shades is all- in fact charm squares are probably going to be just fine for some parts. Ugly is fine as long as they’re brown, so break out your icky batiks, solids, fossil ferns, marbles, etc and send me them! In return I can offer you an equal amount of colourful and pretty fabric scraps, charm squares (including spare Pezzy Print) and FQs, or a couple of pounds if you prefer, just drop me an e-mail (kerry_l_wilkinson(AT!)hotmail.com) and we’ll go from there.

If you want to see how I’m progressing with the doggy quilt, I will be uploading pictures to Flickr (little box over there –> ) rather than updating here all the time and boring people who aren’t actually interested…

Thanks for your help!

P.S. Would making a pictorial quilt in this way be of interest to you as a sewalong later in the year?

Fabric8 competition…

I’ve only recently discovered the Robert Kaufman Fabric8 competition through reading a blog (sorry I can’t remember which it was) – there’s less than 10 days before the closing date but I thought I’d give it a whirl and start on it today.

You have to create something that is based on ink and watercolour artwork, but there’s no particular design or theme to stick to, so inspired by this carrier bag that once had cheese from Amsterdam inside…

…and aided with chocolate, I got my pencils and black pen out and made some motifs. I might make some more, I don’t know yet… but it’s probably going to be a windmill and cow combination- the tulip parts are if I get through to the next round- I’ll add it to my range of 8, along with a red white and blue stripe (like the Dutch flag).

I’m going to scan it (shorten the length of that cow’s neck!) and rearrange it into a pleasing repeat, laser print it and then colour with promarkers (having auditioned the colours I wanted) and lay the blending pen over the top to give a watercolour effect before scanning it in again!

Anyway, I’ll let you know how I get on.