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Sewing stuff

I made this cushion for my sister as a belated Christmas present. It was going to be 7 rows of felt petals but my sewing machine was struggling to get in over the layers and I was feeling lazy, so I stuck with 3 and a blob in the middle. It’s not the neatest thing ever but I was so fed up with it that it will do!

And this, well I’ve not told you about this yet. I’m making a tumbler quilt from layer cakes. I’ve only got 3 more rows to add to the top. It’s a bit boring and simple though, so I’ve decided to appliqué on a rather large Goldfinch. It’s not done yet, I need to satin stitch around the edges and add the feet and the beak detail before it’s done. I’m videoing this as a tutorial for the Craft Pimp blog and I will give you the link once it’s up!

I also managed to do a lot of cleaning and bake two lots of my brownies this weekend. The floor is down in my craft room too so I’m starting to move stuff in (anyone want to take two Billy bookcases with doors on off my hands?!), more pictures to come shortly…

One last thing. If you promote your business on Facebook, I wrote this article earlier in the week, it might be a useful read if you’re not au fait with all of the rules over there.


Felt flower hairslide tutorial video

Due to my latest obsession with the Big Shot, I have done a video for Popular Crafts which makes cute little felt hairslides. Here it is!

Flower Crazy…

After working at the Stitch and Creative Crafts show this weekend, I am now the owner of our demonstration model of the Sizzix Big Shot! I love playing with all of the textures and shapes it can cut and have ordered a crease mat and some box cutting dies, as well as other “useful” shapes so I can integrate felt die cuts into my work, but also creative useful packaging, for instance I haven’t got boxes that will fit bangles. So at the minute I have a pinwheel die and also flower shapes so I made these this morning with some scrap felt!

I also thought I’d share with you a recent purchase at an antiques shop. We went and bought a wine rack to replace our ugly drinks cabinet and I also came away with these lovely paintings for my office for £10 each!

I was also on the Etsy front page on Saturday night with my lace bangle 🙂 I seem to have misplaced the screen grab I took when I saw it, but I do subscribe to Statsy fortunately so you can see it here… http://statsy.org/featurator_view.php?date=2010-09-18+13%3A30


A quick post to share this with you, how great is this? I might get one and pretend my phone is a little more impressive than it really is…

By Louise Campbell on http://www.myehive.com

Moss cabochon update!

I had a play with the moss cabs that I made, and could turn them into little biorb-esque pieces if I drilled close to the edge. The 1.5mm drill bit worked a dream, so this is what I came up with! Very pleased with the earrings, not sure about the bracelet, I think it needs something more adding, any ideas?

Not sure about the brooches, but will take them along to Remade anyway, and I’m also selling the cabochons singlely for other people’s craft use, I’m thinking £1 each.

Also my book is back up to full RRP as the offer finished yesterday, but it is very close to completion now, and may even be ready before the stated dates!

Spotlight on… Red Suede Kitten

I saw this shop (http://RedSuedeKitten.etsy.com) whilst browsing through the Etsy forums today. She’s quite new to the site, and is looking for her first sale *hint*. I love the tactility (is that a word?) of felt jewellery, and the use of colours and irregular circles in her work, it’s so fresh and modern! I need to save up for a bracelet (see middle pic)!

Spotlight on… The Rainbow Room

I found this shop when browsing Flickr and, wow, this felt is colourful! She creates pins, hair accessories and even felted soaps, which I must admit was what drew me in, and what I was going to post about until I saw this card! It’s a print of some original work, which must have taken a heck of a long time to create! Here’s the card and some of the felted soaps 🙂 Available from http://therainbowroom.etsy.com

I am taking part in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month), so I will be blogging every day in November. Today is post 19: http://www.nablopomo.com/

Spotlight on… Tizzalicious

This time I’d like to show you some felt heart necklaces from the founder of the Crafting in Color (http://craftingincolor.ning.com) team that I have just joined! I don’t think I’ve ever seen felted pendants before so thought they were unusual enough to share! Her shops are at www.tizzalicious.com and http://tizzalicious.etsy.com and they are priced at around $13.50. She does brooches and other jewellery styles too!

Ooh pretty!

Coming from Hull originally, I can solidly say that I did not expect to find any seller on Etsy from there, or at the most, anyone with talent. I moved as it seemed to me to be a dead end town with little opportunity. Cherrypips http://cherrypips.etsy.com has proved me very wrong though, she has a beautiful shop, this in particular is my favourite: