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The final finish-a-long

2012 Finish-A-Long

It’s the last quarter of 2012 so I should really get moving on some of these WIPs! I’ve decided to aim for two completions in Rhonda’s Finish-a-long this time round. The first thing I’d like to finish is the infamous curtain. You’ll be glad to hear I actually started on the first 1/4 of the patchwork last night and have 3 nearly finished blocks already. Alex had made some homemade Port and one glass of that seemed to spur me on somewhat. And I didn’t hate doing it!

So this is where I’m up to. I must finish this because it’s getting dark and I’ll have less sewing time without them finished as a pair instead of one lonely curtain….

The other thing I want to finish is the Giant Granny quilt. I managed another block on a whim this weekend so I have 2 done, though I’m going to maybe have to unpick a bit as my side strips weren’t long enough in places and I have some suspiciously big gaps that may be over 1/4″. I’m aiming for it to be 16 blocks in total with maybe a couple of borders depending on how bored I get. I tend to just blast through the borders as I don’t find them that fun to do when I just want to get something finished which is why I started the UK Borders Agency bee. No plans for any sashing on this one.

Also in this quarter I will have two UK Borders Agency rounds to do, a block and a round (maybe two, not sure if this is monthly) for the new Around the Bend and Across the Pond Free Bee, the Mouthy Stitches tote, a cushion with instructions for a magazine, up to 3 rows for a Row by Row swap and possibly some dog collars and Christmas presents, but I’ve not thought that far ahead yet so I’m probably not going to sew anyone anything this year unless it’s quick and small. I have other WIPs and some precuts I want to play with but I’m already scared of my list- there’s plenty to be getting on with!

I’m also blogging every day this month for Blogtoberfest, so you won’t be able to get rid of me for the whole of October. I make no apologies 😉

Also don’t forget the giveaway that is on til Thursday…


Finish-a-long – third quarter

2012 Finish-A-Long

Wow, we’re over halfway through the year and so far I’ve stuck to my goals in Rhonda’s Finish-a-long, so I may as well participate in part 3 too…

I’ve taken some more up to date pictures of my WIPs. So this quarter I need to finish…

The dog quilt. Out of necessity as it needs to be posted off in about 2 weeks. I have about 20% of the quilting left to finish, a bit of fabric painting and of course I need to bind and sleeve it before posting it off for the Festival of Quilts.

Another necessity is finishing the Snapdragon Quilt. My sister’s birthday is 16th July and I’m really worried I won’t get this finished. It’s just going to have simple grid quilting though so hopefully I should be fine… It’s 10 columns and I have four done so far. I have made all of the 9 patch blocks and I’m making the snowballs as I go to break up the monotony.

This time I thought I’d go for three finishes, since round 1 was one finish and round 2 was two finishes. This is not a deadline but I’m sick of it being shoved under my drawers because I haven’t got room for it in my WIP drawer. It’s my Salt Air slash quilt. The white is actually curtain lining and it’s a brilliant, dazzling white. I want to finish this for me when the pressure is off a bit, so that will hopefully be next month unless I get distracted…


Finish-a-long completed for the quarter!

I got the Pezzy Bird Baby Quilt all finished this evening! I couldn’t wait for daylight to photograph it so you’ll have to make do with my rubbish photos…

I’m not showing you the back- it is appalling 😉 I stole the black and white stripy binding idea from Rita at Red Pepper Quilts.

So that’s my two things finished for Rhonda’s Finish-a-Long and it’s not even the end of June yet. Result!

(By the way the cushion above was the other thing I said I’d finish)

In almost exactly 24 hours (from time of publishing this!) my giveaway finishes- go here for your last chance to enter.


Sorry about the messy template on the blog at the minute- Matt is working on it very soon so it should all be slick and nice looking. Once he is finished I will have a giveaway for you. For the meantime, forgive me!

Anyway I have finished one of my two things for Rhonda’s finish-a-long and a couple of other new things too- all cushions for the craft fair I’m just about to head out to this afternoon.

Here’s the finish-a-long one which was me hand sewing a load of hexagons… I will be doing a tute on how I do hexies soon because my method seems to be different to the traditional one and obviously it’s much better 😉

Next is my string cushion which was lots of fun to make. I put a zip in as well instead of my usual envelope back (which I keep doing upside down by the way, I need to sort that issue out!)

Lastly is the Union Jack cushion which I made based on the paper piecing block Just Jack in the Modern Blocks book. It is by Lynne Goldsworthy, aka Lily’s Quilts. If you like that rose fabric, it’s one I bought on Spoonflower here.

If you were hoping for progress on my dog quilt today, may I gently point you towards my Flickr set for it as I won’t necessarily be updating all the time on this in case some of you get bored. I will have another update for the Flickr page very soon as I’ve now washed and darned the thing….

A finish and some more stuff to get done…

I finished my goldfinch quilt after procrastinating the actual quilting bit for a month or so. It’s a nice size- made from a whole layer cake from this Pam and Nicky Lintott book. Just a simple tumbler block pattern with an applique goldfinch on the front. Do you think I should release a pattern for the applique? Would anyone want this?


2012 Finish-A-Long

Anyway I still have other things to finish, of course, so I am linking up with Rhonda – Quilter in the Gap again this quarter to get stuff done- it worked well for motivating me to finish the footstool!

Most important is that I do the Pezzy bird quilt and have it ready for baby cousin in June. This is how it currently stands- all fabric has been bought and selected for borders and backing but only on my second bird out of 16 to piece.

I have decided to try and do two finishes this time round, so I would also like to finish my hexagons for a cushion front- not too far off that one!

Finish a long finished- and button giveaway winner revealed…

I finished my footstool for the finish-a-long over on Rhonda’s blog that I mentioned quite some time ago now. The first quarter is up by the end of next week (how fast is this year going?!) and I had hardly done anything on it, so the last 3 days I’ve used a spool of thread and finished it just this evening!

Sorry for the rubbishy picture, I need to hoover so I didn’t want to show you any of the other rooms 😀 It’s made from two charm packs and a little bit of orange for the centres, The original Ikea cover is on the inside to cover the seams.

Oh and I also made half a cake today. I didn’t have a smaller tin to make two to stack, and I knew cutting it like a sandwich would fail so I cut it across the cake and made it a bit fat half cake with butter cream and the odd splodge of jam! Look I put little daisies on it 🙂

But of course you’re all waiting to see if you won my box of buttons. Well there were 411 in the box when I counted them, which means the closest person is Fiona who guessed 407! So close! I shall be e-mailing you Fiona 🙂