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Bird cutting die giveaway!

I found this die whilst tidying up my room this weekend- I’ve never used it! It works in most die cutting machines and cuts paper, card, etc into cute birdy shapes…

It’s the Bird of Paradise die from Marianne Design and the wing is separate so you can do 3D stuff with it if you wish. RRP is around £8.

So I thought one of you might like it? This giveaway is open internationally until the end of Friday 27th July 2012. To enter, just tell me which of these pictures of Fletcher you think is the cutest- I’m entering him for the Pets on Quilts competition next month and we had a photo session on Saturday (in that I lured him outside with his favourite biscuits and tried to convince him to stay sitting and not lay down)- I just can’t decide! He does look a bit dumpling shaped sat down, instead of generic greyhound shape, but I don’t think that matters…





In other news, I finished my Fireworks Display block and totally ballsed it up when appliqueing onto the background fabric. It all wrinkled and went weird so it looks like I am unpicking it tonight and might be handsewing it on a hoop or finding some kind of stabiliser. Also, Karen and Patricia have been selected as pattern testers- I shall email you both later!

If you want more die cutting stuff I’ve got a few bits on eBay this week, ending Wednesday and I may add some more tonight. Click here.

Art quilt inspiration

I’ve recently been admiring Art Quilts because I love patchwork, applique, scrapbooking and I’m intrigued by surface design and this encompasses it all! I have discovered Quilting Arts magazine and I love it, I bought a book which combines a lot of the techniques shown in the magazine over the years- I read it this weekend and I can thoroughly recommend it if surface design, textile art and art quilts is your thing!

I got into the idea after looking at another great- but out of print- book called Photo Album Quilts by Wendy Butler Berns that I found in turn via a blog hop promoting a book by the same author. I wanted to have a go at something pictoral and not to abstract as these are the quilts I like most and so I made a sketch (late at night on a friday, as you do) which I now need to simplify and blow up huge, and then just get stuck in! I’ve decided to quilt a large picture of my boys- minus the OH (collectively all living creatures in our house are “my boys”).

Here’s some of my favourite ones I’ve found on the internet so far, it’s amazing what you can do with fabric!

This evening I will be getting an old toothbrush and some acrylic paint and splattering some white cotton ready to be used in a paper piecing project so I can get the perfect match for something. Hopefully I will have a finished block to show you tomorrow- after a coule of sessions I still only have two little pieces stitched together because I keep cutting the fabric wrong or stitching things upside down so that they don’t fit over the whole piece it’s supposed to. Let it be known that I still hate paper piecing but I’m not going to let it beat me, and I think I’m nearly there with understanding it!

This image is by Bed Sheet In My Kitchen- I didn't make this, she did!

Don’t forget my button giveaway is still on ’til Friday!

OMG I am a pushy parent.

I took Fletcher to a dog show today and together we entered Most Handsome Dog and Dog Judge Would Most Like To Take Home categories. I couldn’t enter Best Specimen of breed because he’s got a spot of alopecia and a tear drop tattoo on his face which as far as I’m aware people in prison have those done one for each person they’ve murdered. And I forgot to enter Best Rescue Dog. Booo. Oh and I have a rather sore one-arm tan weirdly- don’t know how I just got sun on one arm as I was out all day.

Anyway the judge didn’t even look at him despite everyone in the crowd cooing over him. I was quite disgruntled he didn’t even get 4th place, and I vowed to go to every Dog Show I could to get some rosettes to put on the wall above his bed. Then it hit me, I’m going to be one of those pushy parents who expects top grades from their kids whilst riding a unicycle, singing show tunes and playing Grade 6 Clarinet at the age of five! I didn’t realise I had such a desire to win, but seriously, who could resist my Fletchiboo? 😛

Next Sunday I’ve found another local dog show (ha!) and he and Penny have entered the online one for our local Greyhound Rescue kennels here, we’ll show ’em!


In resin news I tested under the 100w bulb and it took 2 hours to set and not be tacky, however it was still extremely bendy due to the warmth so even thugh this is a fast time, it will need popping in a cool place for a good while longer- not one hour setting I’m afraid!

Almost didn’t fail…

I am off again with the vaccuum former trying to make moulds, the first two attempts proved I had the right material this time, though has taught me about height limitations on bangles and also to really really secure the lock before switching the vacuum on to avoid injury and failure as shown here…

Now the blimming release platform has locked, so waiting for OH to come home and unjam it for me and hopefully I will be able to test my first mould tonight!

Another failure this week was Fletcher- I took him to the BBC Over The Rainbow auditions for Toto and he got really anxious with the two hour wait (not to mention the 45 minute journey in my little car) and the fact that he was surrounded by other dogs that all wanted a piece of him, that when we went into the show arena thing, he wouldn’t look at the judges and wanted to excape- I think he thought he was at the vets! Needless to say he didn’t get through because of how stressed he was (to the disappointment of the carpark stewards), so I now know acting isn’t the boy for him. He was totally exhausted when he got back home!

Custom order finished… and some other stuff

Firstly- and most importantly- I need to let you all know that the price of the moulds in my shop will all be going up 50p on 1st January because of changing exchange rates and customs charges. But the good news is that for the whole of January you can get 15% off everything (moulds/jewellery/homewares…) in my January sale with the code “jansale09”. I hope that makes up for it!

I thought I’d show you a custom order I made for Chelsea on Etsy. It’s a full size king chess piece made from pearlescent powder and blue resin, cut in half with text applied and a bail attached. The idea was for it to be a good luck pendant for Eric’s chess tournament, but I think the King piece is a little on the large size at 12cm, so it will possibly be used as some other kind of ornament.

In other news I have started making resin buttons, but not a clue on how to price them! Do you think 80p-£1 each (depending on size and shank vs holes) is too much?

Also you can see Fletcher is back to normal after his ordeal- he interrupted my photo session as it was what we like to call “Fletcher-time” where he gets upset if you do not devote 100% of your attention to him! He does still look a bit spaced in the pic but it was the angle I took it on, saying that he looks dopey most of the time to be fair!

Death by Chocolate

I had a bit of a scare today. Fletcher managed to eat two boxes of chocolates (about 400g) whilst I was out at the post office today, including a box of Thorntons! I rang the vets and they told me to bring him down immediately. I nearly cried as the nurse took him away from me. I was there an hour as they gave him an injection to force him to vomit. Apparently it’s the most chocolate they’ve ever seen a dog throw up, and if I’d left it he could have been dead from organ failure by now.

He was a complete vegetable when he got home, pretty much too weak to move. He laid on the rug in the living room and slept it off for a bit and then had scrambled eggs and rice for tea.

He’s pretty much back to normal now thankfully….