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Free Motion Quilting – Day 1

So after the mayhem of last week, Sunday allowed me some sewing time for the first time in nearly a fortnight! So the backlog has made me “need” to start two new quilting projects. More on that later in the week. And I haven’t finished patchworking my boring pattern curtains yet!

Anyway a couple of weeks ago I mentioned the free motion quilting group on Facebook started by Julia at Gone to Earth. We’re working through the Angela Walters book. There are only 7 of us but I’m in with some of the popular girls- Kerry from Very Kerry Berry and Ali from Very Berry Handmade and Angela herself may be dropping by to see how we’re getting on!

So swirls were the first in the book, so I had a quick sketch…

And decided to get stuck in straight away with the first little block. I’m going to sew a charm pack together double sided for this project as a quilting sampler. I did have a dodgy piece in my charm pack though- boooo!

One side…

The other…

And then because I’m a risk taker I decided to add it to the mini quilt I’ve nearly finished for Brit Quilt Swap 3!

It’s hard to keep my stitches the same length but it’s not too bad I don’t think. If I was working on a bigger space than just a few inches I think it would be easier, although I don’t fancy heaving a massive quilt through my machine with this design!

A Quilt vs Credit Card update plus Free Motion Quilting

Thanks to those that have donated to my credit card battle on Go Fund Me so far. There’s still a long way to go, currently I’ve raised 0.13% of the target £7500. I really would like to take donations of less than £5 a time as I think sometimes that can be too much, so I’ve set up a new page HERE (and up top!) that has an new donation link via Paypal so you can just give £1 if you want. Although I will need to manually update the fundraising page, this will still get you a raffle ticket into the draw for your own custom pet quilt and also links to the document which shows the numbers you have been allocated so you can make sure I have definitely entered you into the draw!

If you would still like to go for the chocolates or the quilt pattern gifts, then please use the fundraising page as normal, I have copied the original post so all of the information you need is on that page. Please tell your friends, every £1 is a little bit closer to my financial freedom. I know it’s for selfish reasons, it’s not for a charity, but I will be working Christmas Day and Boxing Day this year for Crisis the homeless charity (hopefully doing clothing repairs but it’s not all finalised yet) AND I will have some spare money in which to donate to charity fundraisers once this burden is gone, so in a way you are helping good causes!

ANYWAY onto more stitchy stuff….

Have you ever wanted to free motion quilt (FMQ) like this…

Image by Tula Pink, taken from Quilting is my Therapy

or like this…

Image by Julie Herman, taken from Quilting is my Therapy

Well Julia at Gone to Earth has decided to set up a group over on Facebook for those of us that do, following the guidance from Angela Walter’s new book, “Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters”. If you want to join in, make sure you grab a copy- Amazon is out of stock as I write this but I got mine pretty quickly from The Book Depository on payday.

My free motion quilting is getting better, but for now it has been limited to stippling, loops, a bit of bad handwriting and sketching, I am looking forward to getting the hang of feathers!

So grab the book and get over there and then we can make a start! I have my orphan blocks ready to make into mini quilts and cushion fronts at the ready!