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Buttons and boot bracelets

I’ve started putting my glittery buttons online. The colours are a bit limited, but the range will expand over the next couple of weeks! Both shank buttons and buttons with holes are available.

I’m also working on some boot bracelets to slip over wool boots such as Ugg boots, but also Cowboy boots. They are often worn by line dancers, but toning down the bling a bit makes them suitable for everyday wear! This is my first prototype (to be worn one per boot), and I hope to get them in my shop soon whilst we’re still wrapping up warm, I just need to find a more hardwearing chain!


Stitched resin!

I am really pleased with these. I am planning on buying some more big buttons tomorrow as I think the ones with the large button backgrounds really work best. Incidentally, these buttons were from Rosina in the owl swap. I have approached a magzine with a tutorial for these and they are really easy, you just need some glitter, resin, buttons and an ice cube tray!