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Phone case crazy

After my tutorial yesterday on how to make these, I have made quite a few more phone cases (until I ran out of decent wadding scraps) working with stuff I’ve rooted out of my scraps drawer. Basically it was a diversion from patching together the world’s most boring pattern curtains. I have done nearly a whole curtain of two though so I might be able to show you some actual progress later this week.

I’m adding these to my Etsy shop as and when the mood takes me this week, some are there already.

And then I made this one, sewed the pocket on the wrong way round and put the button on back to front. Oops. Hopefully someone will love it if I price it as seconds 🙂

Next I want to make some more cushions because I sold my badger one about a fortnight ago and think the soft furnishing section of my shop looks a bit sorry for itself!


More chocs

I’ve made some more chocolates today- sorry this is seemingly turning into a food blog!

Non-alcoholic Cherry Brandy Swirls, blimming sugar diamonds have clouded up though, maybe from being in the fridge briefly?

Jelly cakes- these are my new favourites! Milk chocolate cups with white chocolate tops and strawberry jelly inside!

And some more Turkish Delight, this time covered in white chocolate!


A few good (wo)men

After my last negative(ish) post about resin crafters that copy, I’ve decided to show some of my favourite designers here who are making marvellous work in the world of resin! I even own a pendant from Serena Kuhl, a ring from Fake ID from the Resin Swap and I’m excitedly waiting for a cuff from Buy My Crap– proving there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy something you like even if it is in a medium you  are very confident in yourself- in fact it makes you appreciate the skill even more!




Hearts are really big at the minute it seems! Please click on the items to go to the sellers’ shops.

More office prettiness buys!

I bought this printer’s type tray from Mr Tom on Etsy, then popped a hanger on the back to hang it on the wall. Just need to fill it up with trinkets now!

I also bought this, it’s a fern growing inside a Kokedama- a moss ball for growing bonsai. It’s rather unusual and I got it from arkwoodUK also on Etsy!

Chessboard Project 2010: Part 4

I’m sorry for being a bit quiet recently, I’ve had a few problems with suppliers, etc and then on Friday last week I went to the Hobbycrafts exhibition at Birmingham NEC and have been obsessed with a big cross stitch ever since- I will have to show you some photos!

Anyway I also finished a whole set of chess pieces, so I just have the black ones to go (though I do need to sand the bases flat on these still). This is good because for all of May I plan to get everything ready for the Patching Festival, and I want this to be centre of my homewares section!

Spoon rests

I’ve been working on making spoon rests in recent weeks- what do you think?

Working on some for you cake bakers next with dried fruit and sprinkles inside.

You’ve been framed…

Been making frames recently, both acrylic backed ones that stand up and wall hanging ones with chipboard backs. All have acetate fronts. Here are my first three designs!

Shop Handmade Gift Boxes – Now on Sale!

Shop Handmade have opened a Folksy shop to promote and showcase the talents of UK designers by selling the sort of sample boxes you want to buy. They’re a little more expensive than other sample boxes in the region of £30-50 each depending on contents, but each box contains a wealth of full size items from a mix of UK designers and all money taken goes straight back to those contributors- how nice of Shop Handmade!

I have managed to get in almost every gift box available, contributing ice rings, fruit stud earrings and image pendants. Contributions from other people include knitted items, brooches, cards, artwork, candles and bags. Please take a look at the Folksy shop for an unusual gift for Christmas, or maybe just to treat yourself!

PennyDog’s bonkers clearout bonanza!

Did that grab your attention? 😉

I’ve just got back from a stockist who has changed my stock over and no longer want my image pendant range, in favour of fabric pendants. I didn’t realise quite how much stuff they had though! So this weekend I am offering you, dear reader, up to 50% off! These items sell for £14-15, but any of these can be yours for just £7.50 plus £1.50 postage! (£2 if outside of the UK)

Give me a shout here or by e-mail (kerry_l_wilkinson(at!)hotmail.com) and I will allocate these to you and invoice them out…


So here we go!

American Goldfinch- 1 in stock

_DSF8251Cafe Du Bresil- 1 in stock


Finch Bird- 2 in stock

_DSF8254Hawaii Aloha!- 2 in stock

_DSF8255Kingbird- 1 in stock

_DSF8257Miami Beach, Florida- 3 in stock

_DSF8259New York- 1 in stock

Badger- 2 in stock

Popping candy (image varies slightly)- 3 in stock

_DSF8260Miscela Leone- 3 in stock

_DSF8262Braniff Airways- 1 in stock

_DSF8263Trans Australian Railway- 1 in stock

_DSF8264Bird and nest- 2 in stock

_DSF8266Lace pendants- please choose from a, b or c B AND C SOLD OUT!


Make 50: Week 37

I’ve started making cards! What do you think- do they work?