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New moulds in the PennyDog shop!

There are now more stocks of Resin Obsession moulds in the shop (www.pennydog.com), sorry these have been out of stock so long! I’m also expecting some more top up stock within the next week, so things can only get better!

In addition to those you may have already seen, I have introduced another two moulds to my stock list, firstly a coaster mould. This looks like it would make a nice trinket dish if moulding on the positive side of the mould, though I haven’t tried it yet! Moulding on the negative (normal) side, you can create coasters- here is my example of what it makes!

I’ve also got a new multimould in stock which has hearts and stars for pendants, magnets, keyrings, etc, here’s some of the things I’ve made with that:

And here are the moulds themselves, I’m selling these at £4.50 each. (clicking will directly link you to the product page):



Make 50: Week 30

For my make this week I have these heart earrings. There’s actually more to them than meets the eye- first I cut off the shank on some heart shaped buttons and created a mould from them in silicone, then cast the resin (which for some reason kept missing pieces of the heart out). WhenI eventually got 2 whole harts, I sanded and polished them, then drilled a cup for a swarovski to sit in. This then had to be gelcoated in place and the posts added in the same way to the reverse. I’m selling these for £12, and need to list these on my website today!

Spotlight on… Tizzalicious

This time I’d like to show you some felt heart necklaces from the founder of the Crafting in Color (http://craftingincolor.ning.com) team that I have just joined! I don’t think I’ve ever seen felted pendants before so thought they were unusual enough to share! Her shops are at www.tizzalicious.com and http://tizzalicious.etsy.com and they are priced at around $13.50. She does brooches and other jewellery styles too!