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A hedgehog and a little giveaway

Because I said there’d be hedgehog pictures…

Right then so you want to know about the giveaway? Well I bought a bedding set from the antiques shop last weekend because even though the fabric was pale brown, I’m a sucker for that big bloom 70s style of pattern. I know there will be someone else like me who likes that too so I’m quite willing to share my purchase. When I unpacked it for washing, I found there was one big flat sheet plus two pillowcases. I’m pretty sure they’re 100% cotton, so ideal for patchwork or purse lining, something like that maybe. I might make a summer dress!

So, who wants to win the two pillowcases? They’re pretty large- I’d say in total you could get well over half a yard of material out of these! One person will win both, just leave a comment here to win. Open internationally. Closing time for entries is 11.59pm (GMT) on Tuesday 3rd (I’d say midnight but I didn’t know if that would confuse which day I meant) and I’ll draw the winner on the Wednesday.

Now I’m off to make handbags as my supplies came! More on that tomorrow…


Twenty Hedgehogs

Well I managed it, with minimal unpicking and swearing… but with a lot of patience… it’s the first of Twenty Hedgehogs!

This is a “platinum” variety of african pygmy hedgehog – it has a heavy mottled tummy, a black face and very white quills. The eye is painted on with acrylic paint. I’ve tried to machine embroidery “platinum” below it in gold thread but it doesn’t show very well so I think I’m going to do it again by hand with black perle cotton. Only 19 more to go! The plan is for 20 different ones, there’s some snowflake, pinto and algerian varieties mixed up with the standard colour ones (for you hedgehog nerds out there). This took me a few hours to do but I should speed up with time. For now I think I am going to finish my goldfinch quilt and also the footstool I am supposed to be finishing for the end of the month for the Finish-a-long before I do any more!

The Twenty Hedgehogs quilt will be echo quilted when I’m done and hung on the wall above my sewing machine. My workspace currently looks like this. iPhone (for the radio), iron and board, hedgehog underneath, plug in air freshener to counteract stinky hedgehog, and then sewing machine. I do have some pictures on the wall a bit higher up over the ironing board but above my machine the wall’s a bit bare.

I really want a machine with a longer arm and bigger workspace for quilting, it looks so small in this picture!

My beautiful Mouthy Stitches pouch!

Since Jen posted this on the Flickr group pool I had an inkling it was for me. There have been another couple of hedgehoggy themed pouches, but I just had a feeling! I also really really wanted it to be mine, and it is, hurrah!

It’s double sided so we have a hedgehog on one side…

And a fox on the other- and it’s got a lovely hedgehog lining and I got some AWESOME scraps. Sullivan- who knows a lot about pouches as he has four of his own that he sleeps in (without zips)- approves (of the hedgehog side anyway)! I think he might be slightly boss-eyed… or maybe that’s normal for the morning? He prompty fell asleep in his toilet after this photo so I think he’s possibly slightly special.

I love it, thanks so much Jen! 😀 I feel inspired to try a bit of paper piecing again (lord knows last time didn’t go that well)- and Jen has been kind enough to send me some good starting points via Flickr mail. How kind is she?!


It’s been all about Sullivan the last 3 days. I picked him up on Sunday and he was fine at the breeders, but he obviously hated the car journey and rejected me entirely and was very upset with himself for the rest of the day.

Monday came around and he was a prickly ball for an hour and a half before he ate some mealworms  on my lap and fell asleep.

Today, he was a lot better, but did fall off my lap and I knocked over all the mealworms in my panic. He was totally fine but hasn’t allowed me to pick him up in the normal way yet.

Later in the evening I got him out again (he had snuggled up in a top of mine rather than his house- an excellent sign!) and we had some cuddles with minimal huffing and balling up. We’re really making progress!

And Fletcher? He’s in a mood about the whole thing so I’ve tried to sit with him a bit more today and fuss him. He is not allowed to see Sully because he’s got a history with hedgehogs, but he can hear me at the other side of the wall and though he can’t see what’s going on, he’s getting jealous and crying. A pig’s ear this evening seemed to fix all that!

A dabble with glass

Sorry it’s taken me ages to post this, Royal Mail has been very slow at getting my beads to me and I wanted to be able to show some pictures with this post, so as I got them after work yesterday in the dark, I could photograph them this morning (whilst it was still a bit dark, hence a bit of flash used) to blog now.

Last thursday I went to the house of Lorna of Pixie Willow to learn how to make lampwork beads in a one-to-one session (if you want a go yourself, just drop her an e-mail). It was a bit of a whim thing to be honest, I wanted to have a play without buying all the stuff and potentially burning my house down, it wasn’t too expensive and it was lots of fun! I worked my way quite quickly through the different processes, so in a 4-5 hour session I made more than we were expecting….

Firstly Lorna showed me how to wind the glass around the mandrel to make a basic bead. Here’s hers on the left and mine of the right (bet you can guess which was my first attempt!)

Then dotty, both raised and melted in (again mine on the right)

Then building on the dots to make flowers (mine are much lamer than I remember!)

Then I learned how to put deliberate little bubbles in by poking the molten glass- this looks pretty effective and is probably my best bead.

The swirly ones were a bit scary. Look how beautiful Lorna’s bead is!

Mine is pretty but it will take some practising to get the full effect….

Then we played with some frit and clear glass…

And finally I had a go with a lentil press which takes a bit of trial and error to make sure you have enough glass on it- but not too much! My design was a bit flawed (yeah white spots on white, great idea! Lorna’s is on the left as usual) but the process worked well. I know a lot of people don’t like using presses and they can be a bit tricky but I think this might have been my favourite part!

So I now really want to do this again, to the point where I’m eyeing up one of the starter kits on Tuffnell Glass. I would love to make the Pandora style beads as Christmas presents, and the lovely Georgie has offered to anneal them for me since a kiln is so far off my list of spending priorities right now. I’m actually thinking I may completely give up resin in the new year because of the fumes (and Resin Obsession closing), to focus on other crafts such as my patchwork. If I also take up glass it will mean I can work with the patio doors open without getting cold! Also when I’m all settled and set up I’m thinking about getting a HEDGEHOG to live in my workroom, and s/he won’t want to be living in a cold, fumy environment.

Very exciting, and my workroom is out of bounds for decorating right now, argh!