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Special offer, new bracelet, oh and a new shop!

I have a few little bits to tell you- firstly and most importantly, I have 25% off EVERYTHING at www.pennydog.com until 13th July, so go have a look and maybe treat yourself ūüėČ The discount code for checkout is sherbet

Here’s my new favourite item at the minute- they take quite a while, but is made up of realistic but resin gummy teddies- loads of people thought they were the real thing this weekend!

Also I can now confirm that my supply shop is officially open on Folksy and stocked with ribbons! make sure you bookmark http://pennydogsupplies.folksy.com !

Here are some of the pretties you will find there right now:


Spotlight on… Lolly Jo Lolli

I really like the use of resin and colour in these items, make sure you visit her Etsy shop!

I’m really untidy at the minute and this is why…

I’m working on a 2 week assignment to make 250 necklaces and 125 charms. This is really testing me since by the time my moulds were ready I only had 10 days! My fingers are bleeding from invisible wounds from all the sanding I’ve been doing. Yuck. So I’m taking a break right now.

Anyway this is the progress…

These moulds are constantly full. I’m backing the pieces¬†with gelcoat because it sets faster which means I can get almost¬†two batches a day, which is 52 pendants and 32 bracelet charms. I keep track of what has been casted successfully in a book.

I have stuff that has been demoulded and is airing, then stuff I’m currently sanding moves to the TV room…

Then I have stuff being varnished to cut out some of the sanding and polishing stages and speed everything up a bit…

And those that got sanded but have bubbles have their own section for filling, and then they’ll re-enter the sanding chain. Anything with uber bubbles is binned.

And lastly this is my tub of finished pieces to be put in a bath of Demon Shine then drilled and hung on necklaces.

I think I can do it!

Writing another book

I’m working on a plan for my second book and hoping to get a publisher deal this time so I don’t have to worry about printing costs and I can put my feet up a little. I’ve pretty much put my proposal together but I thought it would be nice to ask for your opinion as to what tutorials you might like to see. Here are a few designs, any favourites?

Also I’m working on a huge order, so if anyone has bought the 6 cavity round moulds I sell (I’m out of stock at the minute) and doesn’t want it anymore, I will buy them back! I need at least 2 more!

Spotlight on… Wanna BE

No Cross Stitch update this week cos… umm… I didn’t do any. But I do want to show you someone else’s work- this time it’s Wanna BE on Etsy. I love lace patterns and doilies made modern, so this jewellery really appealed to me!

I want candy

In addition to the Love Heart pieces, I now make jelly teddy earrings ūüôā

Tutorial: Dead easy earring display

I made this display to replace my tatty acrylic one at craft fairs and it was so easy I thought I’d share it with you. You can also use it to hang your own earrings on at home, and works for both dangles and stud types as long as they’re not too small.

Р2 sturdy wood frames the same size. I chose 2 black A5 size ones, but the bigger they are the more earrings they will hold
– 7 mesh plastic canvas
-2 jewellery box hinges (4 if going for A4 size)
– Hammer and miniature screwdriver or pin vice
– Glue Gun
– It’s optional, but if you wanted to colour your mesh, you could do so by leaving in fabric dye overnight.

1) Take your frames and carefully remove the backing board and glass.
2) Cut the plastic canvas to size using the backing board as a guide. It will need to be the same size. and you will need to cut two.
3)Put the canvas into the frame and fold down the prongs on the back to secure it in place. Add a small blob of glue from your glue gun in each corner to stop it from sagging.
4) Once the glue is cool and hard, put the frames together so that the front on both are touching. Attach your brackets to the top and bottom of the long edge. Use your pin vice or tiny screwdriver to make the initial hole before bashing the pins that hold the brackets in with the hammer.
5) Admire your (not very) hard work! The way that the frames open  means that they will stand on their own accord.

Spotlight on… Una Odd

I love this beautiful acrylic jewellery from Una Odd and the combination of a synthetic material with natural patterns. Here’s some of my favourites…

Blog exclusive offers

I’ve had some more sale or return items come back today so I thougtht I’d give you first dibs at discounted prices! E-mail kerry (at) penny-dog.co.uk if you want anything you see here and I will send you a Paypal invoice. Postage is ¬£1.50 in addition to your order within the UK and ¬£2.20 overseas. Offer on until Sunday 24th January.

1) Vintage blue fabric dome pendant (RRP £15): £7
2) Liberty fabric dome pendant (RRP £15): £7

3) Vintage yellow fabric dome pendant (RRP £15): £7 each
4) Brown chintz vintage fabric dome pendant (RRP £15): £7
5) Watch part pendant Рcomes with chain (RRP £9): £4

6) Lady Washington’s buttons pendant – comes with chain (RRP ¬£9): ¬£4
7) Lace pendant Рcomes with chain (RRP £9): SOLD!

8) Text pendant (RRP £9): £4
9) Deutsche Reich stamp pendant (RRP £9): £4
10) 3 Cent US stamp pendant (RRP £9): £4
11) Black backed lace dome pendant (RRP £15): £7 A NOW SOLD, B STILL AVAILABLE

12) Lace cuff (RRP £18): £9
13) Lace bangle (medium/large- RRP £18): £9

Spotlight on… Ljlh Designs

I just love this unusual paper based jewellery from http://www.etsy.com/shop/ljlhdesigns that I discovered when making a paper themed treasury last week. I’ve not done a spotlight in a little while so I thought I’d give you a peek! Visit the link to the shop to see more designs and colours.