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New for 2010- plans are underway…

For a while I’ve wanted to0 make something BIG, some kind of centrepiece for when I go to fairs to draw in the crowds. I wanted to make an electric guitar body and then add the components to make it a fully working model, but the cost of the silicone to make the mould was just too scary. Now I have decided to make a 40cm square chessboard and staunton pieces! I think I would make the board from acrylic squares mounted on a slightly bigger sheet of clear/frosted acrylic, though I am toying with the idea of making the squares from resin. The pieces would then be made from resin too! It’s just knowing what colours to do, whether I should embed any objects, etc. Have you any thoughts?

Here’s my first trial piece!

Also lined up for next year are selection packs of buttons by colour and also improved knitting needle packaging and manufacture to stop the issues that have arisen with some of my Christmas orders! I plan to supply them in clear tubes with pretty fabric ends, and instead of making to order, only selling those that have had at least a week to settle and solidify. In addition there will be two new designs to the range which will be available for Valentine’s day!

I will also be having a “spring clean” on the website- taking out any slow sellers or items I don’t feel like making anymore to make it more concise and less overwhelming, and there will be a 50p price rise on resin moulds from January 1st too, so lots going on- better buy now to avoid disappointment!

Have a great Christmas (and it’s my birthday tomorrow)!


Make 50: Week 43

I made these knitting needles as a custom order this week:

PennyDog’s Progress Part 2

All the knitting needles (and all but 3 bangles and a ring) are done! I’m waiting on some buttons for the ends of the sea green needles and just finishing the leaf ends for the winter snow ones, but no more wrist cramps from sanding the sticks on 600 grit paper, yey!

PennyDog’s Progress….

Well after the mayhem that was my last post my desk is a lot tidier and I seem to be getting somewhere. I should take a picture of my desk really to prove I’m not as dirty as I appeared to be- I’ve even changed the table lining as I got uncatalysed silicone all over the place.

Anyway this was the scene yesterday morning, still a long way to go (only 6 pairs done out of 36):

By lunch time I had to stop as we had guests! (15 pairs done out of 36):

And by this morning I only had 6 more pairs to make out of 36, which I will finish later. I have run out of sunflower and spotty buttons, so some of them are sanded waiting for their toppers to arrive through the post, but I’m happier with the situation. Still some jewellery pieces to sand (including two bangles that keep messing up and I may need to recast one) and a logo plaque to go, and I’m aiming to post on Wednesday! 

I am admittedly still a little stressed as I don’t finish work until 5pm and I really want to get going on this!

Latest press release: Knitting needles

I released a new press release this evening which I plan to distribute to knitting publications for their news pages, here it is!

Resin Jewellery Designer turns her hand to knitting needles

Introducing a new line of customisable resin knitting needles for gifts



Feb 16, 2009 – PennyDog Jewellery, which has a rapidly growing customer base within the field of resin jewellery, has expanded to include a range designed especially for knitters. The new resin knitting needles can be customised to make a great gift for knitters that like a touch of sparkle.

Retailing at £8 plus postage, they are made from polyester resin, sanded to a point and with button or resin features at the ends to stop your knitting slipping off the ends. At the time of launch, they were available in size 3 (6.5mm) and approximately 7 inches in length, with a view to expanding the range to wider, thinner and longer styles in the near future.

Each pair of needles comes in a gift box, and is perfect for giving to a loved one. Choice in needle and end colours, solid or glittery can be made on request, and can be turned around within 10 days. Each pair goes through 5 stages until completion are completely unique as they are entirely made by hand.

They are currently available to purchase on http://www.penny-dog.co.uk, and will be for sale at the Sock trade and consumer fair, Loughborough Town Hall on March 14th 2009.

# # #

About PennyDog: Handmade resin and recycled jewellery by UK designer, Kerry Wilkinson. Specialising in custom orders and keepsake jewellery, and sold in venues within Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire.

Make 50: Week 6

Here’s my 6th item for the 50 things challenge, even more knitting needles! I’ve been making all sorts of combinations, but pink seems to be the colour that everyone wants!

I’m hoping to put a category for these up on my website today with any luck.

Make 50: Week 5 and my new jewellery roll!

Here’s my new make for this week towards the 50 things challenge… Vonnie (http://www.blottedcopybook.co.uk) saw some knitting needles made from resin and asked if I would have a go, so I made her some- I think they worked out fine 🙂

Also today I received my jewellery roll through the post, made by Sue from Chickadee Cards (http://chickadeecards.folksy.com)! It’s really very Laura Ashley-esque, a nice calm blue and very well made, but as you can see I’ve overfilled it already with my masses of stuff that needs tidying away, so will need to order another very shortly! Sue’s blog is at http://chickadeecards.blogspot.com, and I believe there is further information on this exact roll on there too 🙂